Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stone Sour - House of Gold & Bones Part 1 (2012)

It seems like 2012 is the year for making concept albums. Several bands has followed that line this year. Some of these are Rush, Between The Buried And Me, Grave Digger and Accept. Now the turn has come to Stone Sour who have decided to split their concept up in two individual albums (the second album is set to be released in early 2013). The band has certainly set the bar very high for themselves. The band has compared this concept series as a mix between Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and Alice In Chain's "Dirt". Have the band gone out in water that is way too deep or do they rise to the ocasion?

Just as the previous releases from Stone Sour, the songs are pretty much hit or miss. Some hard songs, some mid-tempo and some really slow, and boring, songs. I mean come on, go big with one type or song or go home. It is fine that all of your albums has some variation but learn to master all (or at least most) of the elements. Then, and only then, will the band create a masterpiece. But that does not mean that the band still can create a great album.

As I said before, some songs are spot on while some are way off. Some songs that I really enjoy on this album is "Gone Sovereign" with it's great guitar work, "A Rumor of Skin" that is straight on and "Tired", a strong and powerful rock ballad.  Two tracks that sadly fit in the miss area is "The Travelers" (both part 1 and 2). A sad pair of tracks that is just lefting me untouched. Wait... it left me with one feeling. Pain. God damn those songs are painful to listen to. Fortunately, there are more good songs than bad songs on this album.

As far as the concept goes, it is pretty hazy. It is not a dazzling story Stone Sour is presenting, which is one of the most important parts of a concept album. I like more of a epic story that developes for each and every tracks. Stone Sour's story does not have that kind of quality. It is an okay concept overall but not a fantastic concept.

I would consider the first part of House of Gold & Bones a step forward from the bands last record (Audio Secrecy) and I am looking forward to what Corey Taylar and co. got in store for the second part of this concept. But as a concept album, House of Gold & Bones Part 1 does not cut it against the other concept albums that has been released in 2012. Nice try guys but it can be better.

Songs worthy of recognition: Tired, Gone Sovereign, A Rumor of Skin

Rating: 6,5/10 Drowsy Gods

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