Sunday, April 30, 2017

Corroded - Defcon Zero (2017)

It has been roughly five years since we last heard anything new from the guys of Corroded, and I would like to excuse myself for almost forgetting completely about them during this period. It has almost been dead silent around the band camp, a member change has happened and they released a compilation album for their tenth year anniversary, but that is pretty much it. They did however do a pretty good April Fools joke earlier this year, about front man Jens Westin leaving the band to play for the Swedish ice hockey team Färjestad BK and wearing the number 666. He is a good ice hockey player, but the number thing was just too good to be true.

So the years have gone by, but the Corroded sound is still pretty much the same in "Defcon Zero", it is good, strong hard rock that may not be the most original sound you have ever heard, but is distinct and clear, knowing exactly what it is and what its goals are. The band does not try to complicate things, they are only here to deliver some good hard rock that is pleasing too your ears, and they are doing so in a pretty good way.

"Defcon Zero" has a good amount of nice songs overall, mostly suited for the more mainstream rock audience, but still with enough original quality in it. I think the question we should instead ask us is how it stacks up against the band's previous material, and it does so pretty decently. I definitely think there are stronger songs that the band have made in the past, but we got some competent material here that should not feel ashamed at all.

My personal favourite is "Vessels of Hate", because this is Corroded simply at their best. It got a catchy chorus, and there are a lot of heavy elements to it that fits the band so well. They also include a calmer part towards the latter half, which only adds to the song, unlike a classic breakdown would. "Retract And Disconnect" is also a really nice song, with this chugging riff that drives it forward towards success. In between those two songs, we complete the trifecta with "Fall of A Nation", a pretty unorthodox Corroded song that impresses with darker nature.

Overall though, I think the song quality is nothing truly special, it is more of a disappointment to be honest, especially since they have had 5 years to create a rock solid album. Some songs are just too weak in its execution, while a song like "A Note To Me" might have the purpose of expanding the band's horizon, but ends up being a snoozer instead. It just is not enough exciting material in here to go around, making it really hard to love the album. It is a decent album for sure, just not any way near of being spectacular.

I think the thing that bugs me the most about the new Corroded record is that they are stomping in the same spot, not really moving anywhere. While I do think Corroded is one of those bands that can get by reinventing the wheel, they have to implement some quality behind the craft, making songs that kick ass. "Defcon Zero" just has too many weak spots to be a truly exciting album. There is nothing horribly wrong with the album per se, and it is good to see that the band is back, but I really hope that it does not take another 5 years for a new album to emerge, and if it does take that long, then it better be a damn good album.

Songs worthy of recognition: Vessels of Hate, Retract And Disconnect, Fall of A Nation

Rating: 6/10 Days of Judgement

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