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Motörhead - Another Perfect Day (1983)

After Eddie Clarke left Motörhead in the middle of the "Iron Fist" tour, the band entered a pretty chaotic phase that would start with the new guitarist, the former Thin Lizzy member Brian "Robbo" Robertson. Brian got the gig thanks to the fact that drummer Phil Taylor was a huge Thin Lizzy fan, and at first it seemed like a great fit, but as soon as the band hit the studio to record "Another Perfect Day", the cracks started to emerge.

For us listeners, the guitar change is clearly evident in the opening track, the now classic "Back At The Funny Farm". The band once again hits a home run with their opening, a fast paced tune that knocks everyone off their feet, but the guitars sounded very different here. There is nothing wrong with the shredding here, it is actually fantastic, but the sound just  feels off, not like it truly belongs in Motörhead. It is more melodic, higher in pitch, just plain odd. It is definitely noticeable that they did take in a former Thin Lizzy member (and it was apparently even more evident in the live shows, but I am not gonna go more into those details).

Fortunately, the guitar is not that off putting in the rest of the tracks, it actually gives the album a personality that is kind of strange, but works to some extent. I do think the album do describe what was going on with the band during this time, not only on the acid inducing cover art, but with the far from perfect chemistry too. It is still controlled enough to keep this album away from the toilet bowl, and the playing itself is of good quality. Technically, Robbo might even be a better guitar player than Eddie, but he just does not fit the Motörhead life style, that is all.

Okay, let us talk more about the music in "Another Perfect Day", because there is a lot of good songs to be found here. The variety here is top notch, bringing us a little of everything that Motörhead stands for. Some groove, some country, some speed, yeah no stone is left unturned when this 44 minute behemoth powers through your eardrums. I definitely think the song quality here is in the leagues of both "Overkill" and "Iron Fist", tingling your music nerves just right. A song like "Dancing On Your Grave" is a good example, for a title like that, it actually is a pretty calm song, but it hits the right spots, making it a good soundtrack for a good jig on a tombstone.

While not a lot of songs has gone to history as some of the band's best works, they are still really enjoyable songs that work well together. Songs like "Tales of Glory", "Shine", "One Track Mind" and the title track might not end up as one of your favourite Motörhead tunes, but they are competent enough to bring a smile to your face. Also, how can you resist a song that is called "Die You Bastard"? It is fast, and it is maybe a direct reference to the band's original name, gotta love it.

So yeah, even if the guitarist is like that awkward kid in school that is in the group, but just does not seem to fit in, "Another Perfect Day" is just another good quality Motörhead record. It may not steer off too much from its predecessors, but it delivers some good metal that certainly rocks. The band powers on the chaos that was surrounding them, acting like nothing is bothering them, and does so with an album that has gone to history as one of the more interesting albums in the band's career, for several different reasons of course. So while it may not be a perfect album, it is another Motörhead album, and that is good enough for me.

Songs worthy of recognition: Back At The Funny Farm, Dancing On Your Grave, Rock It, Die You Bastard

Rating: 7,5/10 Tales of Glory

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