Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cradle of Filth - The Manticore And Other Horrors (2012)

First off, I have to confess something. I am very much of a noob when it comes to more extreme kind of metal. I listen to some of it but I have not really sunken my teeth completely in the genre yet. But there are two bands out there that has made me look a little more into this type of music. The first band is swedish The Project Hate MCMXCIX and the second band is the almost legendary Cradle of Filth.  So now has the time come for Cradle of Filth to release their tenth album "The Manticore And Other Horrors". Only the second album by the band that I have listened to. The first album was their latest, "Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa". An album that I mostly enjoyed. Still I was not sure if I would enjoy this album as much as "Darkly". Maybe I was still scared of this kind of music or it was just that feeling whenever you are about to listen at something outside your comfort zone.

Very well, I have now listened to "The Manticore And Other Horrors" and I can gladly say that it was a good decision I made. "The Manticore..." contains a handful of mysterious and punch effective tunes. Every song on this album is groovy and dark but also catchy. Most of the songs are very easy to remember. For instance, "Succumb To This" is the only song with female vocals included, "Frost On Her Pillow" has a inner beauty that is admirable and "For Your Vulgar Delectation" has an fantastic riff work. The guitar overall on this album is great. The sound that six string is making fits perfectly in the songs and helps to create the mood that the band is striving for. Actually, the only instrument I have a problem with is the bass. The bass is so baked in behind the other instruments that you can rarely hear it. And when you do hear it, it is not anything extraordinary. It is as plain as it can be.

Fortunately, the anonymous bass playing is made up by the rest of the musicians. Especially Dani Filth and his horrific and awesome singing voice. It would not be Cradle of Filth without the Filth himself. With that voice he makes every song an experience by itself. But not even the fantastic singing can make up for the few misstakes that this album is showing. The main problem with "The Manticore..." is that it is a little to much of the good stuff. I mean that there are a little to many deja vu feelings on this album, especially when it comes to the singing. Even though I love the singing it can be a little to much of it in a couple of tracks. So for the next album Dani, try to lay a little low on some tracks and let the instruments do the work so you wont wear yourself out.

After listenening to "The Manticore..." I must confess that I am from now on a fan of Cradle of Filth. I will try to look more into the bands earlier work and I promise to look more inte the more extreme kind of metal that exists out there. Cheers to the Cradle and to their tenth studio album. A perfect way to celebrate Halloween 2012.

Songs worthy of recognition: Succumb To This, For Your Vulgar Delectation, Frost On Her Pillow

Rating: 8,5/10 Sinfonias

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cauldron - Tomorrow's Lost (2012)

By just looking from the front cover, you may think that Cauldron is more of a black metal band than what they really are. Cauldron is instead a band that combines heavy riffs with 80's influenced metal. A pretty good mix if you know what you are doing. My expectations was some what high since the canadian trio did an excelente job on their latest album ("Burning Fortune" from last year). The only real problem I had with the previous album was the production that sounded dull and unfinished. Did they improve it on "Tomorrow's Lost"? Sorry, but no. The production is still making the band sound like they run on 80% strength. Oh why must it be like this?

Well despite the lack of the production that the band deserves, the guys are doing a swell job out there.the material that the band is putting out are of top quality. Most of the songs on "Tomorrow's Lost" have at least on catchy riff, a solid song structure and some pretty cool solos. Ian Chains really know how to handle his guitar to get the most out of its power. That does not help the singer/basist Jason Decay. Sorry bro but your singing voice is not among the best I have heared. Jasons voice sounds a little weak. Almost at the edge of wimpy. I do not know why but maybe that is because he has worked as a gardener for Rush frontman Geddy Lee (saw that trivia on Encyclopaedia Metallum. Do not know if it is true or not). So there is room for improvment on the singing area but I have a feeling that Jason will develop his abilities in time.

There is no real weak link on this even, but short (around 39 minutes), album which is a good thing. Only problem is that there is no real super strong link either. The closest one would probably be "Nitebreaker" or "Fight For Day" but they really does not stand up as strong as "All Or Nothing" did on "Burning Fortune". Speaking of, one of the tracks is actually called "Burning Fortune" on "Tomorrow's Lost". Did they forget to put it in their last album or couldn't they write a song with that title until now? I do not know and I do not care.

At the end I would consider "Tomorrow's Lost a step back for the band even though it is a small step. The lack of a real killer together with the remaining problem of the poor production. It is still a good album though and I like what I hear in my headphones. The riffs are good and heavy and the band know what they are doing. Hopefully they will not get lost on the way. The album cover is cool but that does not make up an album that could have been so great but instead became above average.

Songs worthy of recognition: Nitebreaker, Fight For Day, Tomorrow's Lost (Sun Will Fall)

Rating: 7/10 Endless Ways

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sturm Und Drang - Graduation Day (2012)

There are few bands that had a carrier like the finnish band Sturm Und Drang. The band became famous pretty quickly after releasing their debut "Learning To Rock" (2007) and the fanbase increased even more after releasing "Rock 'n Roll Children" (2008). The most remarkable thing about the lads was the age (the band had a middle-age around 15 in "Learning To Rock"). But what happened after that? Well, the basist Henkka Kurkiala left the band 2010 and it took a while to gather a replacement. Finally, it was Joel Wendlin who joined the band. But also the guitarist Alexander Ivars left the band (he was replaced by Jani Kuoppamaa). So now, four years since the last album, the rising sons are back with their third offering of straight forward heavy metal.

The album is called "Graduation Day" and just as the title may hint, the material on this record is more mature and more thought-out than the bands previous albums. You will not find a real power monster like "Break Away" or "Alive" but instead you will discover more delicate tracks on this album. One great example of that is "Dark Little Angel of Mine", a song with a really good build up and a solo that is both "shredtastic" but also well constructed. Probably my favourite track in the entire album. Unfortunately, there is not so many of these kind of tracks on this album as I wished it would have. There are a couple of songs that just seems pointless to put up in a album. So I just going to point them out so you does not have to listen to them. The songs are "Molly The Murderer", "Goddamn Liar" and especially "I Hurt Myself". That last song sounds more like Dead By April to me (DBA plays pop-metal, a horrible genre).

Now the guys may be young but they sure know how to handle their instruments. The timing is spot on and the instruments sounds loud and clear. But I miss that level of difficulty. Of course, you do not have to play ultra complex to make a great album but I want the band to show that they hav not only grown in maturity but also in technical skills, which they do not do in "Graduation Day". The only time they are showing their skills is on the guitar solos and there is the only place I notice their quality. Can't they bake it in their riffs and fills as well? It is not like they have to but it would be nice if they did that.

So do Sturm Und Drang deserve to graduate from " The University of Heavy Metal"? Yes, they would pass the class but not with all A's. The band is young and has a fantastic future ahead of them but to continue on this streak the band must keep on working and develope as musicians. I would consider "Graduation Day" the bands best offering up to date together with "Rock 'n Roll Children" but I bet these lads will make bigger and better albums in time. So the last words I will give to the band before they accept their diploma. No more fillers, just make killers.

Songs worthy of recognition: Dark Little Angel of Mine, Fatherland, Light Years Apart

Rating: 7/10 Goddamn Liars

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stone Sour - House of Gold & Bones Part 1 (2012)

It seems like 2012 is the year for making concept albums. Several bands has followed that line this year. Some of these are Rush, Between The Buried And Me, Grave Digger and Accept. Now the turn has come to Stone Sour who have decided to split their concept up in two individual albums (the second album is set to be released in early 2013). The band has certainly set the bar very high for themselves. The band has compared this concept series as a mix between Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and Alice In Chain's "Dirt". Have the band gone out in water that is way too deep or do they rise to the ocasion?

Just as the previous releases from Stone Sour, the songs are pretty much hit or miss. Some hard songs, some mid-tempo and some really slow, and boring, songs. I mean come on, go big with one type or song or go home. It is fine that all of your albums has some variation but learn to master all (or at least most) of the elements. Then, and only then, will the band create a masterpiece. But that does not mean that the band still can create a great album.

As I said before, some songs are spot on while some are way off. Some songs that I really enjoy on this album is "Gone Sovereign" with it's great guitar work, "A Rumor of Skin" that is straight on and "Tired", a strong and powerful rock ballad.  Two tracks that sadly fit in the miss area is "The Travelers" (both part 1 and 2). A sad pair of tracks that is just lefting me untouched. Wait... it left me with one feeling. Pain. God damn those songs are painful to listen to. Fortunately, there are more good songs than bad songs on this album.

As far as the concept goes, it is pretty hazy. It is not a dazzling story Stone Sour is presenting, which is one of the most important parts of a concept album. I like more of a epic story that developes for each and every tracks. Stone Sour's story does not have that kind of quality. It is an okay concept overall but not a fantastic concept.

I would consider the first part of House of Gold & Bones a step forward from the bands last record (Audio Secrecy) and I am looking forward to what Corey Taylar and co. got in store for the second part of this concept. But as a concept album, House of Gold & Bones Part 1 does not cut it against the other concept albums that has been released in 2012. Nice try guys but it can be better.

Songs worthy of recognition: Tired, Gone Sovereign, A Rumor of Skin

Rating: 6,5/10 Drowsy Gods

Monday, October 22, 2012

Between The Buried And Me - The Parallax II: Future Sequence (2012)

There have been a ton of big releases during 2012 but I have not been more excited about any release during this year than this one. The album I am talking about is the long awaited The Parallax II: Future Sequence by the awesome band Between The Buried And Me. This album is a follow up to last years EP The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues and continues on the concept that the EP started. Now you may think that it would be suitable to review the EP before wiriting about Future Sequence but since the EP only contains three songs I will sum it up right now. It is an awesome EP. Nothing really more to say. Let us now go to the second part of the Parallax adventure.

Even though the album is divided into twelve seperate tracks I would consider this album as one 72-minute long song. The transcisions from song to song are very smooth and if you do not pay close attention you possibly wont realize that the album has changed song. But just because it feels like one mega-song you can clearly sense the difference between the different tracks. But it takes some time to know which song is which cause most of the songs on Parallax II are long and hard to get a grip at.

As usual when we talk about BTBAM, the musicality the performers perform are spot on. The riffs are great and both the vocalists does a great job to set the mood. But best, as always, is the drumming styles of Blake richardson. I still can not believe that he drums like he does. His fills and beats are unique and crazy (but not to crazy). I can not imagine a BTBAM without Richardson. He is truly amazing. Best drummer during the 21 century without a doubt.

Well, enough praising to Blake, more about the album. As always, BTBAM shows a ton of different genres during the performance. Everything from jazz, blues, fusion to metalcore and rock. A attribute that gives only advantages to the band. But even unusual instruments is getting room in Parallax II. For example, you can hear a xylophone in "Extremophile Elite". A freaking xylophone! Did you ever imagine a xylophone in a heavy metal album! Well I did not and I love it. Other parts of the album that stands out a little more is the piano riff to "Bloom", the soothing starter and closer "Goodbye to Everything" and "Goodbye To Everything Reprise" and the hard and challenging "Telos". Aah, who am I kidding, every track stands tall on their own and together they create a fantastic story.

Finally, I have only got this to say. End this year now, infact, let the apocalypse come now. There is nothing that will top this release. This is as close to a perfect album as you gonna get. I could not believe that BTBAM could not only top Colors but also crush it into little pieces. The band is bursting with creativeness and the energy the band is releasing is really unbelievable. So go get the album, let it sink in and then wait for the apocalypse. Cause there is nothing more to wait for. There is nothing more to prove.

Songs worthy of recognition: EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!

Rating: 10/10 Astral Bodies

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Before The Dawn - Rise of The Phoenix (2012)

There will always be bands in music that you just does not understand why they have become as big as they are. For me, some of those bands are Sabaton, High On Fire and this band, finnish Before The Dawn. This melodic goth/death metal band has just been a big question mark for me. What is it with this band that makes them stand out? I could not find it on their last release, Deathstar Rising, and I do not think i have found it her on Rise of The Phoenix either. But first I have to admit that this album is better than the previous offering. Mostly because there is only harsh vocals here since Lars Eikind left the band last year.

The thing about Before The Dawn that really gets to me all the time is the melodies. Sure, they are beautiful and good but are they original? I have heard several bands putting out similar material. Some has made it better and some has made it worse. I would barely put this album in the better category cause even though the songs are good, the whole experience is just one big mash up. The songs in Rise of The Phoenix does not do much to stand out against the others. Everything goes around in the same tempo and the structure of the songs are just changed slightly. It gets quite boring from time to time.

The only thing that is saving Rise of The Phoenix from being some what of a disaster is that the album has no lows. Let us do the math. 9 x good, but not memorable, songs = a good, but not memorable, album while 4 x bad songs + 5 x great songs = a good album where you skip some of the tracks. So the consistency of Before The Dawn is a savior for the band. I'd rather have an album filled with songs that I am okay with instead of a album with fillers. It makes a greater wholeness to the album itself. But if you would put a gun on my head and demand an answer to which song you should listen to on this album I would pick "Cross To Bear" Since it is the only song that is some what memorable.

So yeah, Rise of The Phoenix definetely beats its predecessor but it doesn't convince me that Before The Dawn is a band that I should look more into. I hope that the band continue on this road cause they may be heading for something really good. But so far I am unimpressed.

Songs worthy of recognition: Cross To Bear, Perfect Storm

Rating: 6,5/10 Eclipses

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dream Theater - When Dream And Day Unite (1989)

There is few bands in the history of progresive metal that has influenced and been such a big inspiration to the genre than Dream Theater. Even though the canadian band Rush gave the genre a rolling start, DT was the band to take it at least three levels higher with their odd rhythms and fantastic musical qualities. Needless to say, Dream Theater brought a revolution to the progresive rock. But just as any great revolution, the story of Dream Theater had to start somewhere. That journey started 1985 when four students of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, John Myung, Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci and Kevin Moore, formed a band called Majesty. The name was later changed to Dream Theater. Later, singer Charlie Dominici also joined the band which led to this, the bands debut album "When Dream And Day Unite".

Just as todays Dream Theater, the 1989 version of the band brings us songs that are complex, smooth and just plain odd. But there is two things I really like with this album that few of the other DT albums have. First of, even though this is the only record with Charlie Dominici, I really like his voice. I am not sure though if he is stronger than current singer James LaBrie but he definetely fits in the band. The second thing I like with this album is that it has no meaningless ballads. That is one big flaw with current DT, most of their ballads is so useless and hollow that I just skip pass them when it is their turn on the CD-player.

One song on this album that is hard to skip by is the instrumental "Ytse Jam" A great instrumental that shows off the whole bands qualities. From Portnoys crazy ass drumming to Myungs smooth and cool bass rhythms. Otherwise, Dream Theater is known for making long and epic songs. There are some long songs on this album but nothing super long. Nothing over nine minutes. And when it comes to the epic part there is not so much of it either. Sure, songs like "The Killing Hand" and "The One Who Help To Set The Sun" got their share of epicness but it stands pretty clear that DT was a more straight forward band in their early years. Well as long as they make some good, odd tunes I will be satisfied.

All in all, this IS the debut for DT and it is really good one. You can without a doubt see that, just as many debuts from big bands, the sound is still some what in the making but it is coming on nicely. The members are doing their thing and making this an great start for the band. Not enough epicness to make it all the way but the songs contain a high standard. Cudos to early Dream Theater.

Songs worthy of recognition: Ytse Jam, A Fortune In Lies, The Killing Hand

Rating: 8,5/10 Afterlifes

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tracedawn - Lizard Dusk (2012)

I know relatively little about Tracedawn. I know that they are from Helsinki, Finland. I know that the band was first known as Moravia but changed to Tracedawn 2007. I also know that "Lizard Dusk" is the bands third CD offering to the world of heavy metal. So since this is the third album and since they are from Finland, a land that have produced many great acts over the years, I expected some good music here.

Tracedawn is labeled as a melodic death metal band but I would consider putting in power in that title as well since some of the songs on "Lizard Dusk" are fast and cathcy (not all of them though). One song that is definetely screaming power metal is the opener "Arabian Nights". It is a fun song to listen to and it doesn't take to long to get caught up in the catchy chorus. One weakness on this song is the lyrics but I am not so picky when it comes to the lyrics. I am happy as long as it sounds good to your ears. But besides some of the more cathcier songs we also get to encounter with more well thought and well composed songs like "You're Fired!" (btw, love the title on that one!). The harsch vocalist, Niko Kalliojärvi, gets a lot of room on this track and he does it with great effectivness.

The sound overall sounds great. Production balances out the instruments almost perfect and the band just gives it all. They make pretty few mistakes during the entire album. But there is two problems that i have with this album. The intro to "The Crawl" which is just so unnecessary. They could have made that so much better. The other problem with "Lizard Dusk" is the length. The album clocks in just about under 40 minutes, which is not enough if you ask me. A perfect lenght for an album is around 45-60 minutes, a time span Tracedawn never have succeeded with fullfilling on any of their three albums. Is it that demanding to give your fans 1-2 more songs per album? Well, at least they compensate the length with making 9 kick ass songs .

I havn't listened to Tracedawn's two previous albums but if those albums are as good as this one I may consider following this band more closely. These guys got the talent and can make some sweet ass songs. Hopefully, they make an album that is over 40 minutes next time. But until then I will continue rocking to "Lizard Dusk" cause it is in deed a great album from Tracedawn.

Songs worthy of recognition: You're Fired!, Arabian Nights, "Thanks For Asking, I'm Just Obsessed"

Rating: 9/10 Machines

Friday, October 12, 2012

Muse - The 2nd Law (2012)

There is no doubt that Muse has become very popular during this 21st century. With songs like "Hysteria", "Stockholm Syndrome", "Knights of Cydonia" and "Uprising", Muse have become one of the biggest names in rock music. Hell, they have even been given the honor to write the official song for the 2012 olympics in London. In Speaking of, "Survival", as the official song for the olympics is called, is on this album and if I had to make any prediction of this album with only "Survival" as guide I would say this album would be in typical Muse standards. But you probably all know that one song doesn't make an album so let us take a look on what the rest of the album had to offer.

Now, we know that Muse have experimented with several music styles during their carrier. There is really nothing that can define as a typical Muse style. They can be aggresive, soft, mysterious and epic all at once. And they definetely show it of on "The 2nd Law". I don't think I have ever heard Muse this versatile in any of their previous five albums. We got ballads, power, pop, rock, mystery and even dubstep. Yes, I said dubstep. The band experiments with dubstep on "The 2nd Law: Unsustainable". It actually turned out decent but it is something I wouldn't expect the band to keep up in future material.

Even though I like the variation on "The 2nd Law", the performance is uneven. Some songs sound great and are right up Muse's alley but other songs like "Save Me" and "Explorers" are just big turn offs. I sometimes wish that Muse just chose one direction and stuck to it. But then again, that wouldn't really be Muse then.

So "The 2nd Law" has it's moments. But it also has it's down times. Muse still keeps on trucking like usual. Only this time they tried to explain the law for their music, which they failed with. I still cant find a clear red line that goes through their music and influences. Fortunately, it is not a bad thing.

Songs worthy of recognition: Follow Me, Survival, The 2nd Law: Unsustainable

Rating: 7/10 Liquid States.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Corroded - State of Disgrace (2012)

Corroded is one of those bands that have become huge in Sweden just because they had a couple of hits in the popular radio station Bandit Rock, a station where they mostly play mainstream rock like Foo Fighters, Danko Jones, Green Day and also classics from Iron Maiden, Metallica etc. (God i wished Sweden would have a REAL metal radio station). But just because Corroded has been huge in main stream circuits doesn't that mean that they are bad. On the contrary, they are actually skillful and they have the ability to make good and groovy hard rock. Despite that I like the band, I was disappointed with their last release (Exit To Transfer from 2010). So my hopes for "State of Disgrace was relatively low.

"State of Disgrace" is the third offering from Corroded and just as the two previous releases this album lives on groovy riffs, some dark but determined singing and choruses that is relatively easy to remember. I would say that Corroded is Swedens answer to Disturbed with the only difference that Corroded is much more inconsistent. Not only in entire albums but also when it comes to individual songs. For instance, I really enjoy the songs "Let them Hate As Long As They Fear", "I Will Not" and "Believe In Me" cause they are interesting and groovy. While the songs "I Am The God" and "Beautiful Revolution" are just plain boring. How can it be that a band in one song rock the living shit out of me while in the next song they act like they just don't care any more?

When it comes to the musicians, I have always enjoyed their craftsmanship cause they are truly good. The drums are on the beat, the guitars are working well together and the song stylings of Jens Westin is rough but powerful. And the production in this album is well done as well.

So no, Corroded does not top their debut album but they are pretty close this time. At least this is a good step away from their last album. Hopefully, the bands experience and creativity brings forth a masterpiece in their fourth album. But as I said, be more consequent and they will get there.

Songs worthy of recognition: Let Them Hate As Long As They Fear, Believe In Me, Stop Me From Screaming

Rating: 7,5/10 Uncommon Senses

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Steve Harris - British Lion (2012)

It seems like Iron Maidens 2012 is the year for side-projects. First of was the guitarist, Adrian Smith, who teamed up with ex. SikTh singer Mikee goodman and formed Primal Rock Rebellion, a project that was intresting and successful with their debut Awoken Broken. So now has the turn come to the leader and basist of Iron Maiden. Several years ago, Steve Harris met a young group called British Lion (hence the title of this album). The band asked Steve if he could produce their debut album, which he agreed on since he liked their music. Unfortunately, the band split up shortly after. Now, almost twenty years later, has Steve teamed up with two former British Lion members (Graham Leslie on guitar and Richard Taylor on vocals) and also David Hawkins and Simon Dawson to make Steves first ever solo album/side-project album or what ever you want to call it.

Now I am not sure what to call the music style the album is presenting. Classic rock? no... progresive rock? na... smooth sailing rock? Maybe... it is the closest I can come up with. It is pretty obvious that Steve is trying to hold of from the typical Maiden sound as far as he can and i can't blame him. If I was to try a project outside my main band (if I know had any) I would try to take that "hey, it's that guy from [insert famous band name] and his new band" label away and throw it right in the nearest dumpster. At least to get the impossible expectations out of the way.

Even though my expectations for "British Lion" was pretty low I never thought that this album actually would be below them. The song material is not as strong as the songs Steve writes for the Maiden (which I already prepared myself for) but it's not the songs that is the problem. It's the singer I have a grudge against. Richard Taylors voice is clean but it is extremely weak. I sometimes wondered if he has made a vasectomy cause his voice doesn't contain so much testosterone as it should. Despite the weak singing, some songs actually fits with it. In songs like "A World Without Heaven" and "Karma Killer" Richard actually delivers which, of course, is a good thing.

As I said before, the songs are not of the highest standard but they are not that bad. The two previosly mentioned songs are intresting and has a totality that works. If Steve Harris makes more albums together with these lads I really hope that they go in the direction that those two songs are following. How is the other material then? Just one big meh. Nothing special or memorable but fortunately, nothing completely horrible.

So if you want to buy this album just because it got Iron Maidens basist as their band title I would suggest that you back off. "British Lion" will make you dissapointed. But if you are like me and are just curious of what he is doing besides The Irons then you may actually enjoy it. If you happens to like a more layed back kind of rock with a wimpy singer.

Songs worthy of recognition: Karma Killer, A World Without Heaven

Rating: 4,5/10 Lost Worlds

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Best of 2011

Well let us kick this blog up with a "best of" list. I started to review albums in the middle of 2010 and during 2011 I listened to about 70 albums. Comparing to how many albums I listened to so far this year, 70 is not that big of a number but it was my first full year of really getting in to reviewing albums so it is an okay number (at least i think so). So take this list with a pinch of salt. Screw this, here is the 20 best albums released in 2011 according to me.

20. Psychostick - Space Vampires Vs. Zombie Dinosaurs In 3D
19. Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Events
18. White Wizzard - Flying Tigers
17. Katana - Heads Will Roll
16. Megadeth - Th1rt3en
15. Children of Bodom - Relentless, Reckless, Forever
14. Arch Enemy - Khaos Legions
13. Anthrax - Worship Music
12. Hammerfall - Infected
11. Almah - Motion
10. Human Cometh - HCII
9. Storm Warrior - Heathen Warrior
8. Mastodon - The Hunter
7. Nightwish - Imaginaerum
6. The Project Hate MCMXCIX - Bleeding The New Apocalypse
5. In Flames - Sounds of A Playground Fading
4. Machine Head - Unto The Locust
3. Five Finger Death Punch - American Capitalist
2. Symphony X - Iconoclast
1. Amon Amarth - Surtur Rising

So why is Amon Amarth the winner? Well because they where the only band during 2011 to create a album that had a vast variety from heavy (A Beast Am I?) to epic (Live Without Regrets) and perfection (Destroyer of The Universe). But they also won because there is not a single weak song in this album, the lyrics are intresting and all the members and their instruments is almost flawless to deliver a great sound to every track. Without a doubt the best album of 2011.

Feel free to comment this list. Why I had/didn't have this album on the list or just shouting out your personal favourite from 2011. Rock On!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Let us begin this quest

Hello everybody

I have now created this blog, a blog where I shall post reviews of the latest and some of the most classical albums that is out there in the heavy metal world. I hope that you mortals will follow me as we take on each album one by one.

If you want more details about me and this blog, look to the right. There is a little description about me and the blog.

The blog is far from complete. During this week I will make the necessary changes to make the best out of this site.

First of I am going to post a best off list from 2011 and after that I will go on with reviewing some of the newest albums out there. The first ones I have in mind are new releases from Between The Buried And Me, Steve Harris, Muse and Corroded.

Have a good day you mortals.