Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cauldron - Tomorrow's Lost (2012)

By just looking from the front cover, you may think that Cauldron is more of a black metal band than what they really are. Cauldron is instead a band that combines heavy riffs with 80's influenced metal. A pretty good mix if you know what you are doing. My expectations was some what high since the canadian trio did an excelente job on their latest album ("Burning Fortune" from last year). The only real problem I had with the previous album was the production that sounded dull and unfinished. Did they improve it on "Tomorrow's Lost"? Sorry, but no. The production is still making the band sound like they run on 80% strength. Oh why must it be like this?

Well despite the lack of the production that the band deserves, the guys are doing a swell job out there.the material that the band is putting out are of top quality. Most of the songs on "Tomorrow's Lost" have at least on catchy riff, a solid song structure and some pretty cool solos. Ian Chains really know how to handle his guitar to get the most out of its power. That does not help the singer/basist Jason Decay. Sorry bro but your singing voice is not among the best I have heared. Jasons voice sounds a little weak. Almost at the edge of wimpy. I do not know why but maybe that is because he has worked as a gardener for Rush frontman Geddy Lee (saw that trivia on Encyclopaedia Metallum. Do not know if it is true or not). So there is room for improvment on the singing area but I have a feeling that Jason will develop his abilities in time.

There is no real weak link on this even, but short (around 39 minutes), album which is a good thing. Only problem is that there is no real super strong link either. The closest one would probably be "Nitebreaker" or "Fight For Day" but they really does not stand up as strong as "All Or Nothing" did on "Burning Fortune". Speaking of, one of the tracks is actually called "Burning Fortune" on "Tomorrow's Lost". Did they forget to put it in their last album or couldn't they write a song with that title until now? I do not know and I do not care.

At the end I would consider "Tomorrow's Lost a step back for the band even though it is a small step. The lack of a real killer together with the remaining problem of the poor production. It is still a good album though and I like what I hear in my headphones. The riffs are good and heavy and the band know what they are doing. Hopefully they will not get lost on the way. The album cover is cool but that does not make up an album that could have been so great but instead became above average.

Songs worthy of recognition: Nitebreaker, Fight For Day, Tomorrow's Lost (Sun Will Fall)

Rating: 7/10 Endless Ways

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