Thursday, October 11, 2012

Corroded - State of Disgrace (2012)

Corroded is one of those bands that have become huge in Sweden just because they had a couple of hits in the popular radio station Bandit Rock, a station where they mostly play mainstream rock like Foo Fighters, Danko Jones, Green Day and also classics from Iron Maiden, Metallica etc. (God i wished Sweden would have a REAL metal radio station). But just because Corroded has been huge in main stream circuits doesn't that mean that they are bad. On the contrary, they are actually skillful and they have the ability to make good and groovy hard rock. Despite that I like the band, I was disappointed with their last release (Exit To Transfer from 2010). So my hopes for "State of Disgrace was relatively low.

"State of Disgrace" is the third offering from Corroded and just as the two previous releases this album lives on groovy riffs, some dark but determined singing and choruses that is relatively easy to remember. I would say that Corroded is Swedens answer to Disturbed with the only difference that Corroded is much more inconsistent. Not only in entire albums but also when it comes to individual songs. For instance, I really enjoy the songs "Let them Hate As Long As They Fear", "I Will Not" and "Believe In Me" cause they are interesting and groovy. While the songs "I Am The God" and "Beautiful Revolution" are just plain boring. How can it be that a band in one song rock the living shit out of me while in the next song they act like they just don't care any more?

When it comes to the musicians, I have always enjoyed their craftsmanship cause they are truly good. The drums are on the beat, the guitars are working well together and the song stylings of Jens Westin is rough but powerful. And the production in this album is well done as well.

So no, Corroded does not top their debut album but they are pretty close this time. At least this is a good step away from their last album. Hopefully, the bands experience and creativity brings forth a masterpiece in their fourth album. But as I said, be more consequent and they will get there.

Songs worthy of recognition: Let Them Hate As Long As They Fear, Believe In Me, Stop Me From Screaming

Rating: 7,5/10 Uncommon Senses

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