Saturday, October 6, 2012

Let us begin this quest

Hello everybody

I have now created this blog, a blog where I shall post reviews of the latest and some of the most classical albums that is out there in the heavy metal world. I hope that you mortals will follow me as we take on each album one by one.

If you want more details about me and this blog, look to the right. There is a little description about me and the blog.

The blog is far from complete. During this week I will make the necessary changes to make the best out of this site.

First of I am going to post a best off list from 2011 and after that I will go on with reviewing some of the newest albums out there. The first ones I have in mind are new releases from Between The Buried And Me, Steve Harris, Muse and Corroded.

Have a good day you mortals.


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