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Motörhead - Orgasmatron (1986)

I do not think that there is any metal album out there that has a manlier title than "Orgasmatron", not even a Manowar title can pack in so much testosterone in. It also helps that the cover is amazing (Snaggletooth is a fucking train!), and that the songs are just oozing of blood and sweat. Maybe it was needed for Lemmy to let it all out after a couple of turbulent years, where Lemmy had to switch out the entire band, plus adding another guitarist to make Motörhead a quartet. Let us just say that the band came out of the chaos refreshed and reborn.

Even with an extra guitarist, it still sounds like we are listening to a three man band, and you can blame the production for that. While not all that bad, it is clearly evident that it was not right for the album, which Lemmy himself has stated several times over the year. However, it does work really well on the title track, where the different effects help beefing it up a lot. Then again, it is pretty buff from the get go, with the slow and heavy riffs, the stead fast tempo, and an amazing Lemmy whom sets the tone with the opening line "I am the one, Orgasmatron", bringing forth a really powerful performance. It really ends the album brilliantly, leaving you with extreme goosebumps and heavy breathing.

The title track is the obvious high light of this album, but "Orgasmatron" has a really strong song roster, offering a broad spectrum of different speeds and styles. It is just a bunch of really tough songs that work together to create one meaty album, every vegetarian's worst nightmare. I really love that the band utilizes speed (not that speed!) in a very efficient way. Songs like "Claw", "Ridin' With The Driver", and "Mean Machine" are some of the fastest Motörhead songs out there, infusing tons of coal to this runaway train. One ingredient to this is the new drummer Pete Gill, who is just going crazy at times, which I of course love. Such a shame that this would be his only album with the band (not counting the 1984 compilation album "No Remorse").

The other two newcomers Michael Burston and Phil Campbell does not stand out too much in this record, they are just doing their job, delivering some cool riffs and some sweet solos, but it is obvious that Motörhead's style is not really suited for two guitarists, this is truly a one man job. If I have to take some stand out moments though, I can definitely mention the opening track "Deaf Forever", the solo on "Mean Machine", and the riffing on the title track as their best moments on this record.

I did find a new favourite here though, and that is "Doctor Rock", a really groovy song with some of the most wonderful Lemmy lyrics that you will find. It has several great one liners here like "I hope you son of bitches see the light" and "We sure ain't talking Doctor Spock" (Star Trek reference for the win), which of course gives you even more reasons to smile. While the album in general is fantastic, it is the second half that makes it such a classic, especially that ending trio of "Ridin' With The Driver", "Doctor Rock", and "Orgasmatron" are just candy for your ears.

Sales wise, "Orgasmatron" is marked as a low point for the band, but when it comes to the quality of the craft, there is no doubt that this is among the highest of peaks. This is just such a manly album, it got hair all over the place, tackling its way past all other competitors. Yes, the production could have been a lot better, but it is not bad enough to take away the experience that is this album, because the straight forward heavy metal plows through with such blunt force that really nothing can stop. Simply put, it is the one, "Orgasmatron".

Songs worthy of recognition: Orgasmatron, Deaf Forever, Claw, Built For Speed, Doctor Rock

Rating: 9,5/10 Mean Machines

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