Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Best of Devin Townsend

Another discography reviewed and I gotta say, I did not know that Devin had this much experience. The total number of full-length album is 20 for the Canadian and almost everyone of them is great in one way or another. Only one thing left to do know, summarize!

Best albums

Best Strapping Young Lad album: City
It ultimately stood between "City", "Alien" and "The New Black" since they all got the same rating, but I went with "City" because it has a brutality that very few bands on this earth can match. Besides, it is also the most even record in the Strapping Young Lad discography.

Best solo album: Ocean Machine: Biomech
Technically, this is a Ocean Machine release, but who gives a damn, "Ocean Machine: Biomech" is still an amazing record. This album is filled with waves that cleanses your mind and soul. A beautiful record that almost makes me a little sad, since I wanted to see what this Ocean Machine project could have done if it had a longer career.

Best The Devin Townsend Band album: Synchestra
That honour goes to the magnificent and the versatile "Synchestra". It is a very melodic album that almost covers everything, from metal to polka. A good album from a very short lived project.

Best Devin Townsend Project album: Epicloud
I know, the cheese factor is almost through the roof, but that does not matter when the musicality is out of this world. Devin makes the most of out the choir in "Epicloud" and creates his grandest album to date. Effervescent quality!!!

Worst album: Devlab
I do not know what Devin was thinking when he released "Devlab". This stupid ambient album is a complete waste of time, unless you do want to hear low frequency sounds from a city street. This is not music. Hell, this is not even shit. This is the shit that shit shits. Stay away from this horrible offering at all costs.

Best songs

5. Almost Again
This is an unusual Strapping Young Lad song, but I cannot help but loving it. It is a genius move in pretending to almost being a ballad only to introduce an ultra heavy chorus to the plot twist.

4. Planet of The Apes
Out of all the songs on "Deconstruction", this is the most versatile one. A long, heavy, epic piece that accuses everyone of ripping off Meshuggah and reveals that it has a little boner. Nice appearance by Tommy Giles Rogers is also included.

3. Color Your World
An intense 9+ minute ride through the mind of Ziltoid tops of this fantastic concept album. A ultimate proof of Devin's amazing story telling skills.

2. Force Fed
This is without a doubt Strapping Young Lad's most underrated song. It got the typical SYL heaviness and also a fantastic epic chorus to top it off. An amazing song from a mediocre album.

1. The Death of Music
I have never found any song more beautiful than this amazing track from "Ocean Machine: Biomech". Despite consisting of mostly low whisperings, "The Death of Music" is probably the only song where Devin has put out his heart and soul out on the line. The goosebumps are inevitable when listening to this song.

Best album cover

Ziltoid The Omniscient

It is impossible to not like Ziltoid, and this comic inspired cover makes this coffee drinking alien even cooler. It is a cover that says "Here I am. Worship me. Bring me your finest coffee bean.". Hail Ziltoid

Total discography verdict

Quality: 8/10
"Devlab" and "The Hummer" drags the rating down, but you can otherwise count on that when Devin releases a new album, it is going to be worth a listen.

Creativity: 10/10
Devin Townsend is so creative that he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. That is not a joke, that is the truth. Devin can almost create any type of music in almost no time. His ever changing mind is seemingly bottomless.

Musicality: 9/10
There is no doubt that he is a guitar wizard and that he has one of the most unique vocals in the metal world, so why does he not get a 10? He does not play drums.  Otherwise, he is a high quality musician.

Lyrics: 7/10
An over use of the word fuck and some cheesiness drags the rating down, but he has some nice qualities in the lyrics department. For instance, he is the best on making a humor filled concept album.

Album rating summary
Strapping Young Lad
Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing: 6,5/10
City: 8,5/10
S/T: 7/10
Alien: 8,5/10
The New Black: 8,5/10

Punky Brüster - Cooked On Phonics: 5/10
Ocean Machine: Biomech: 9,5/10
Infinity: 7,5/10
Physicist: 7,5/10
Terria: 8/10
Devlab: 0/10
The Hummer: 2,5/10
Ziltoid The Omniscient: 9/10

The Devin Townsend Band
Accelerated Evolution: 8/10
Synchestra: 8,5/10

Devin Townsend Project
Ki: 7/10
Addicted: 9/10
Deconstruction: 9/10
Ghost: 6/10
Epicloud: 9,5/10
: 8,5/10
Transcendence: 9,5/10

Casualties of Cool
S/T: 7/10

Average rating: 7,2954545454545454545454545454545/10

Next band up against the wall is one of the oldest still active metal bands out there. Yep, my next discography review will be on Black Sabbath's great career.

Stay Metal

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