Sunday, January 5, 2014

Devin Townsend - The Hummer (2006)

So here we are again, another ambient record made by Devin Townsend. Oh why, oh why would you do this you silly Canadian? Now, for those of you who does not remember (or missed it), I gave Devin's previous ambient record "Devlab" my first ever 0/10. So I was dreading that "The Hummer" would be another super boring album that was as far away from music as it could get.

Luckily, those fears would disappear faster than a speeding bullet once I took the courage to actually listen. This album still consists mostly of low frequency sounds and some random audio cut ins (like a bit from the famous sitar player Ravi Shankar and some Morse code), but it is a lot more user friendly than what "Devlab" will ever be. Besides, Devin also cared to give the "songs" names on this record. Now I am not saying that it is particularly any good music in this album, but I can definitely see why some people would willingly listen to this kind of music.

There are only six songs on "The Hummer", and neither of the songs really appeal to me. There are three songs that are way too long (over 15 minutes) and the other three songs are just not strong enough for me to give a damn about them. I guess that the part that I enjoyed the most is the soothing waves from "Cosmic Surf", but Devin could have easily cut this 16 minute Snorlax to a 7 minute Slowbro. I also like that this album is more uplifting than "Devlab". Ambient music sounds so much better on the bright side of life and not with Darth Vader and the rest of the dark side.

I would not label "The Hummer" as a music album, but it is an okay album if you are searching for something to listen to while sleeping or dealing with a hangover. Just like "Devlab", this is not a album for everyone, and it is certainly not an album for us metal heads. And even though I find this album to be so much better than "Devlab", it is still an album that bores the crap out of me. Hopefully, this is the last ambient record I will listen to in my life. What's that? I still have to listen to "Ghost" by Devin Townsend Project? Well, we will take that another time.

Song barely worthy of recognition: Cosmic Surf

Rating: 2,5/10 Arcs

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