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Mustasch - Thank You For The Demon (2014)

Few rock bands in Sweden has gotten as much attention and appreciation as the Gothenburg band Mustasch. Since the release of their Swedish Grammy award winning album "Latest Version of The Truth" in 2007, the band's fan base has literally exploded and the front man Ralf Gyllenhammar has gotten appearances in shows like Fångarna På Fortet (Swedish Fort Boyard) and Körslaget (Swedish Battle of The Quires). Ralf has almost reached to the status where he is beloved by the people (or in Swedish, folkkär). But since 2007, the band has released a non-impressive self-titled album, a album filled with re-recorded hits, and a short and uneven album in "Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven". So it was pretty much now or never for this band if they wanted to keep evolving in their career.

"Thank You For The Demon" is Mustasch's 7th album, and just like its predecessor, it is a well diverse album with ballads, heavy hitters and even a rock/disco song. The only difference between this album and the last one is that the band is much more even now in their performance. That is better right? True, but I also miss a real super hit, something that the last album did not miss with songs like "Speed Metal" and "It's Never Too Late". The only real reason to why there is no such song here is that none of the songs have any real knockout riffs in them. Most of the riffs has to share the stage with violins, which gives a musical dimension, but also loses some heaviness along the way.

Luckily, there are no shortage of good songs in this record. We have the heavy stoner rock song "The Mauler", the heavy and catchy "Borderline", the more musically appealing title track and the nice rock ballad "All My Life". But one of the best song still has to be the intoxicating disco rock anthem "I Hate To Dance". Mustasch has always been at their best when they have to sing out their anger because you recognize yourself in that anger. Whenever I am out with my friends at a club or bar, I just wanna stand by the bar and drink. I don't want to dance, I want to head bang and drink beer until I collapse. The only time I dance is when I am so wasted that I don't know which year it is. But I guess I could dance to "I Hate To Dance" if I wanted to, which I don't.

This is certainly another good record by Mustasch, and it is a step forward from their last effort. However, I would like them to keep the string orchestra away from the next album so we get some more rock 'n' roll in their music. No matter what, I will still keep dancing... I mean bang my head to most of these tracks for some months forward.

Songs worthy of recognition: Borderline, Thank You For The Demon, All My Life, I Hate To Dance

Rating: 8/10 Maulers

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