Monday, January 13, 2014

Skull Fist - Chasing The Dream (2014)

The Canadian quartet Skull Fist have been one of the more interesting new bands during the last couple of years. Formed in 2006, this heavy/speed metal band gained recognition very quickly with the releases of the EP "Heavier Than Metal" and the full-length debut "Head öf The Pack". So it is not surprising to me that it took three years to complete this sophomore album called "Chasing The Dream", since the band has already toured in Europe and Brazil.

The music is inspired by 80's speed metal, the same type of music that bands like White Wizzard and Enforcer exert, but I can also hint some early Hammerfall and Mötley Crüe in there as well. The band's music is not very unique, but the power and enthusiasm that they put behind it is very impressive, and it is very much needed so the listener also can enjoy the music.

Not surprisingly, the tracks that takes up the most space are the fast and catchy ones. Most of them are good and very captivating, but there are also some songs that just feels overall cheesy. For instance, the 80's called, they would like Skull Fist to return "Bad For Good" back to them. I also think that the instrumental song "Shred's Not Dead" is lacking some real punch.

But the overall standard is high on "Chasing The Dream". I especially like the powerful power metal beat in "Hour To Live", the tribute towards Mötley Crüe in the title track, and the intensity on "Sign of The Warrior" and "Don't Stop The Fight". It is just such a shame that this mere 36 minute short album goes by in a flash while you are listening to it. I would have loved to see the band squish in one or two more songs just to give this album some more meat on its bones. Also, I would have wanted the band to show a little more variety in this album since there is no slower song in it. Oh well, I guess they have to show that they can make that type as well in the next album.

There is no doubt that "Chasing The Dream" is a good album made by high quality musicians, but it is the little things in this album that keeps it from being an album of the ages, like the lack of variety and the short play time. But if you enjoy classic speed metal that was inspired by the 80's, then Skull Fist is a obvious choice.

Songs worthy of recognition: Sign of The Warrior, Hour To Live, Chasing The Dream

Rating: 8/10 Mean Street Riders

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