Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Júlio Stotz - Suspended In Reverie EP (2014)

If you think that the cover suggests that this is not a metal release, then you have obliviously forgotten the old saying "Do not judge a dog by its hair". The Brazilian music composer Júlio Stotz have in "Suspended In Reverie" created a four song instrumental EP that mixes the delicacy of the piano with several djent/progressive metal beats. It is a slightly weird combination, but Júlio is doing a really nice job of balancing the different components together.

All four songs are pretty slow and beautiful, but thanks to the heavy djent riffs, they also have some edge that gives them an extra level. Well, except for "An Der Elbe" that only has piano loops. And of course, as a metal lover, I feel that the songs lifts when the guitars enter the stage. Especially the steadily increasing epicness in "Dreamlike Perceptions" gets me rocking my head back and forth every time I hear it.

The EP as a whole is very even, but short. I would have loved to see one more song in it, or keep the same amount, but making one long and epic song to see how far the artist can take it (the longest song by the way is around 5 minutes). Júlio himself describes his music as instrumental progressive metal with a djent touch and piano/orchestra vibe, but I do not see very much progressiveness in the music. Of course, I would also label this as progressive music, but I think he can take it even further to really show off something impressive.

I would definitely love to see a full album of this kind of music, and I am certain that if Júlio ever gets the tools to complete this full length album, he will do a marvelous job. "Suspended In Reverie" is unique, beautiful and very interesting. A nice choice for both lovers of progressive metal and more classical music.

Songs worthy of recognition: Dreamlike Perceptions, From A Restive Slumber

Rating: 8/10 Essences of Thought

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