Friday, February 21, 2014

Adrenaline Mob - Men of Honor (2014)

Holy shit was my first thought when I heard the intro to the opening track of the super group Adrenaline Mob's sophomore album "Men of Honor". An insane chaos with crazy riffs and blasting drum beats is what is opening up "Mob Is Back" and that is representing what I want to see from this band. Adrenaline Mob has well skilled artists like vocalist Russell Allen and guitarist Mike Orlando and even if their debut "Omertá" was an interesting effort, I still felt like the band could put in an extra gear into the music. So when that intro started I was thinking "yes, maybe they will skull fuck some people with their skills this time". But sadly, I was wrong.

The rest of "Mob Is Back" just chugs a boring beat that reeks of both overly loaded musicians and a motorcycle gang attitude. And that is how most of the songs on "Men of Honor" works. They have one or two things that is really impressive, but are not enough to take the song up above average quality. It also breaks my heart that they have a potential that shows from time to time, but just ends up as a bad mix between Disturbed, Nickelback and Black Label Society.

The only song on "Men of Honor" that feels overall good is "Dearly Departed" that impresses with a nice Foo Fighters beat, a catchy chorus and a sweet technical Orlando solo. Definitely the best song the band has done together with "Undaunted" and "Believe Me". I can also enjoy the sheer force of "Come On Get Up", the harmonies in "House of Lies" and the nice guitar work in the title track.

The rest of the songs however just makes me sick. The band has a couple of really bad ballads that does not work at all with their image. The only acceptable ballad on "Men of Honor" is ironically the slowest song "Crystal Clear" with its beautiful mood. Then we have "Feel The Adrenaline", a title that should suggest that this track will get you hella pumped, but instead makes you wanna face palm. The song is just a horrible celebratory anthem towards motorcycle riders, but I am not sure if they even want anything to do with this song. What was these guys thinking when creating these songs? No wonder why Mike Portnoy left the band.

Adrenaline Mob has a potential, but after listening to "Men of Honor" I am getting doubtful that the band ever will reach that potential. If they want to get the big recognition, they have to create something new, something bold, something that does not sound like any other American rock band. If they will keep up this style, then I will just wish that Russell Allen starts working on a new Symphony X album, John Moyer takes a break until Disturbed reunite and that this band will ultimately just give up. And just like the band heard, I took one in the face while listening to "Men of Honor". But it felt more like a gentle breeze than a bitch slap.

Songs worthy of recognition: Dearly Departed, House of Lies

Rating: 4,5/10 Judgment Days

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