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Motörhead - Inferno (2004)

Many of us probably consider Motörhead as a heavy metal band, being one of the founders and main forces of the British heavy metal movement. However, the band itself (especially Lemmy) only saw Motörhead as a straight up rock 'n' roll band, not being any heavy in particular. Judging by their music, they do have some points. Most of it is after all based on country, blues, and definitely rock 'n' roll, but there is no denying that Motörhead has created a lot of heavy stuff over the years that sets itself apart from the influences, and stands on its own legs.

"Inferno" is to me a pretty good example of that Motörhead is not simply a rock 'n' roll band. This album is arguably one of the band's heaviest in their whole discography, while still maintaining a lot of different elements from different genres. Once again, the album was made just like any Motörhead album, quickly and efficiently, with the ideas and emotions running hot from thought to recording. So why is this record heavier than the average Motörhead record? Could be because the producer Cameron Webb wanted to make a really heavy record with them, and pushed them a little further than usual. Nonetheless, the final product is certainly exquisite.

We get a really blazing start with "Terminal Show", with a beat that is certainly familiar and welcome, but the fury that the band presents in riffs and attitude is almost unheard of. Together with the calmer, but still high flying "Killers" and the ultra groovy "In The Name of Tragedy", "Inferno" has an impressive starting trio that just kills anything in its path. It is possibly one of the strongest starts on any Motörhead record

And the strong songs keeps on coming, time and time again. "Life's A Bitch" is just as the title suggest, it is a fun fast paced song that tells the hard truth, that life is hard and it is gonna screw you over sooner or later. Then we have "Smiling Like A Killer", the soundtrack to Freddy Krueger, The Joker, and every other psychotic killer out there, a straight up roller with that nice old school vibe. I will also mention "Fight" that just mows everything down with its speed and turned up bass.

While the heavy pieces of "Inferno" steals the show, the album is a lot more diverse than you might expect. There are a lot of different moods and tempos here to really make this album dynamic and intriguing. And to top it off, each band member grabs a chair, picks up an acoustic guitar, and delivers a true blues track (with harmonica and all) called "Whorehouse Blues". It is not my type of music, but I think it works well because it stands out, being a big contrast against the rest of the tracks. A soft little tune that ends "Inferno" nicely.

Ultimately, "Inferno" is a heavy album with way more to it than meets the ear. It is a diverse album that shows Motörhead at their best state, delivering great music from different corners of the musical spectre, and bringing it all together in a surprisingly cohesive album. It comes in blazing hot and does not really cool down until the bitter end, making you all warm inside that cold heart of yours. It may be a heavy album, but the band is not heavy, they are way more than that.

Songs worthy of recognition: Life's A Bitch, Terminal Show, In The Name of Tragedy, Fight

Rating: 8,5/10 Keys To The Kingdom

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