Monday, July 11, 2016

Only For The Week: Part 23

All of the songs on this segment is gathered in a Spotify playlist, you can find it here

The Classic: Motörhead - Ace of Spades

You know that you have made a classic song when you are sick and tired of playing it while on tour. Lemmy really was sick and tired of "Ace of Spades", but he kept it on the set list because people expects it to be there. After all, it is a kick ass song about gambling, with the finesse and humour that Lemmy always puts to his lyrics. Oh, and do not forget the joker.

The Newcomer: Astronoid - Tin Foil Hats

To just take one song from the magnificent "Air" is a freaking hard task, they are all so great in their own unique ways. After some serious thought, I decided to add "Tin Foil Hats", a marvelous track with amazing riffing and a really epic and catchy vocal line. Why am I still talking, go listen to it now.

Check out my review of the album this song is from, "Air"

The Personal Favourite: Keldian - Never Existed

If you want to add some sci-fi into your metal experience, then there is really only one band you should go to, and that is Keldian. Their last album "Outbound" is as hot as the sun, and it contains several great shining songs, but "Never Existed" shines the brightest. It is powerful, epic, and just flat out awesome. And then we have the solo that makes it even more epic, and makes you even more pumped! No doubt, this is the best song from 2013, no question about it.

Stay Metal!
Robert "Sharkruisher" Andersson

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