Monday, July 4, 2016

Only For The Week: Part 22

Happy 'Murica day everyone, I hope that you all get lots of freedom in your bodies tonight.

Here in Sweden though, we are preparing for a bigger event, a happening you cannot afford to miss. I am of course talking about The End. This Saturday, Black Sabbath comes to the royal capital of Stockholm to do their last ever show in Sweden, just one stop of many in their final tour. This is the last chance to get a glimpse of the founding fathers of metal in live action, performing all of their classic songs from the Ozzy era. So of course, I have made this week's OfTW Black Sabbath themed (plus a special guest that will open up for the giants). Now, let's get to it.

All of the songs on this segment is gathered in a Spotify playlist, you can find it here

The Classic: Black Sabbath - Iron Man

Is there anything more iconic in the metal world than that horrifying opening of "Iron Man", where Tony Iommi brings out a wicked guitar tone, and Ozzy takes out his inner robot. This opening is just amazing, and it just gets better when Tony hits that classic guitar riff that we all know and love. However, my favourite thing about the song is how the band shifts the tempo so suddenly several times, bringing an incredible dynamic to the song. There is no band out there that can do it as good as Black Sabbath, and it has become a pillar stone of the band's sound. A complete song, not even Tony Stark could improve it.

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The Newcomer: Volbeat - The Loa's Crossroad

Black Sabbath is not the only band performing on Saturday, the Danish Elvis metal guys in Volbeat will be there too. While I still have trouble in fully embracing their style, I still find some songs that I really like, like "The Loa's Crossroad" from their latest album. It is one of the heavier songs of the album, but that is not the only reason to why it is my favourite. It has this kind of a bass line that is very much alike that in Iron Maiden's "Seventh Son of A Seventh Son", which of course means that it is kick ass. The chorus delivers as well, as do the solo. And like that was not enough, we get some bagpipes as the cream to the pie. I really hope that they play it live, because it would be interesting to see.

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Sorry, no video here :(

The Personal Favourite: Black Sabbath - N.I.B.

Man, I love everything about this song. The opening bass solo gets you in the mood, the simple riffing enhances it, and the song just keeps building and building until it has become a gigantic, groovy monster that cannot be contained. It is just incredible to think that this song is made in the early 70's, and that it still holds up to this date, almost half a century later. As I said, everything, literally EVERYTHING about this song is simply marvelous, magical, every superlative in the book. I cannot wait to hear this one live, I will soak in every second.

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Stay Metal
Robert "Sharkruisher" Andersson

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