Monday, February 22, 2016

Only For The Week: Part 3

Another week, another three songs to sink you teeth in. So far, I feel like this segment is coming along nicely, and the playlist is already up to a whooping 9 songs! Okay, that is not so much, but it is about  the length of a regular full length album, which is a start. Anyway, let us get to this week's songs.

All of the songs on this segment is gathered in a Spotify playlist, you can find it here

The Classic: Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name

Obviously, there are tons of Maiden songs that I could have chosen, but there is no other song in the band's catalog, or any other band's catalog for that matter, that is so grand, so epic, and just embodies all of the elements of metal that we know and love. "Hallowed Be Thy Name" is the song that silenced all of Bruce's doubters, and also showed the true potential of the band. A perfect song that no one has ever matched since.

The Newcomer: Primal Fear - We Walk Without Fear

I found Primal Fear's new album "Rulebreaker" to be a little two faced. Some songs are typical Primal Fear songs, while other just sound like some Manowar knock off. Anyway, "We Walk Without Fear" reminds me a lot of "One Night In December" from the predecessor "Delivering The Black", a long, epic song that tells a grand story and stands as the large pillar of the album. Just a stunning track that certainly lifts the album.

sorry, no video for this song :(

The Personal Favourite: Quartered - Africa

I keep blaming Harmonix (creators of the Rock Band series) for my music taste, and this is just another proof of this. Quartered is an alternative metal band from Canada that was one of the early hits in the RBN (Rock Band Network) era. "Africa" is taken from their debut "The Falls of Autumn" that was released in 2007, and is a amazing track with a lot of nerve. Starting of with a drum beat taken straight from the tribes of Africa, it later develops into a melancholic journey that gets more frantic by the second. The mood in this track is some of the best I have ever heard, and the drum beat here is incredibly intoxicating. Such a shame the band has turned more into a bland metalcore act in later years, but the debut is still a fine lump of work that should be recognized.

Stay metal!

Robert "Sharkruisher" Andersson

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