Monday, February 15, 2016

Only For The Week: part 2

A new week is upon us, and guess what, I have actually been somewhat productive! While it it small for now, the official "Only For The Week" Spotify list will grow in time

The Classic: At The Gates - Blinded By Fear

This is the song that more or less laid the foundation of the modern death metal sound that we all know and love today. The full album that it is from, "Slaughter of The Soul", is one of the most legendary albums of all time, and it contains several killer tracks, but it is this one that steals the show, starting in a menacing manor, then steps the pedal to the metal until the end. Great riffing, aggressive vocals, and a horrifying beat that twitches your inner headbanging nerve.

The Newcomer: Borknagar - Winter Thrice

It was hard to select just one song from the excellent album "Winter Thrice" by the progressive black metal veterans Borknagar, but there is something with the title track that is pure magic. The nice blend of smooth vocals and Nordic black metal tunes are really intoxicating. A dark, but extremely beautiful track, just like the Nordic landscape in the darkest of winter.

The Personal Favourite: Black Tide - Shockwave

There once was a time, when the land was surprised and overwhelmed by a young force known as Black Tide. Their debut album "Light From Above" was extra ordinary, and was a sign of fantastic things to come. Ultimately, it was the devils work, and we were all deceived. But enough of the story telling, "Shockwave" is still a hell of a song, showing off insane shredding, groovy drum patterns, soaring vocals, and a speed that is hard to keep up with. A insanely fun song to either listen to, or to play in the video game Rock Band

Stay metal!
Robert "Sharkruisher" Andersson

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