Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Metaltown 2013, Saturday shows

Earlier I gave you the reviews of some of the Friday shows in Metaltown 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Today, I give you the reviews of some of the Saturday shows in Metaltown 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Enjoy.

Devin Townsend Project:

This was probably the band that I had highest expectations for before the festival, but the rest of the audience seemed to not share the same enthusiastic spirit. I think it is because Devin Townsend Project was just a replacement for The Dillinger Escape Plan, who canceled due to injury. But even with the small crowd, Devin put on a hell of a show. He was making faces, showing photo shopped pictures before the show, and was all around crazy up on the stage. And even though I missed "Liberation" from the set list, I was still pretty satisfied, even though I knew that the Canadian mastermind did not get the recognition he deserved.

Best: "By Your Command" and Devin's showmanship

Worst: Pretty unengaged audience

Rating: 6,5/10 Kingdoms

Hardcore Superstar:

Saturday was a pretty slow day here at Metaltown, but it took a Swedish sleaze metal band to wake up the crowd. Hardcore Superstar did what they were supposed to do and rocked the place. Songs like "Dreamin' In A Casket", "Last Call For Alcohol" and "We Don't Celebrate Sundays" are great to waken a slumbering audience. The show itself was nothing special, but it was still good. The set list however, could have been improved. Two songs I definitely missed was "Beg For It" and "Bastards", another two songs that could have helped to get the party started. But I shall not complain. Instead, I shall be satisfied.

Best: They woke up the audience and "Last Call For Alcohol"

Worst: Why did they not play "Beg For It" and "Bastards"?

Rating: 7/10 Moonshines


I wanted heaviness, and I got heaviness plus more. Meshuggah certainly put the Metal in Metaltown with their heavy and intoxicating djent metal. Their performance was flawless and when Jens Kidman takes out his bottom jaw and rolls his eyes up towards his brain, then you know that he and the rest of the band is in the flow. Unfortunately, I have not listened to so much Meshuggah so I did not know too many of the songs, but this show was a obvious sign that I should open Spotify and play through their whole discography through my ears. But I am glad that they played some songs from "Koloss" so I was not completely lost he he.

Best: The perfect performance and "Do Not Look Down"

Worst: That I did not know most of the songs (I really need to listen to more Meshuggah)

Rating: 9/10 Combustions


Well, well, another band that I do not know all to well. Of course I know about the career of Glenn Danzig, but his band is just one of many other bands that I have not done my homework on. Anyhow, this show was for a celebration for the 25th anniversary of the band and together on stage in the later half was the former Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and he had some good power in him. Sadly, the show took a big dip when he started to play. It is not Doyle's fault, it is the Misfits songs that is too blame. It was like I watched two different concert right after each other. Not very comfortable. Luckily, the first half was good and held this performance above water.

Best: The non Misfits songs

Worst: The Misfits songs

Rating: 6,5/10 Astro Zombies


I was wondering whether or not Korn really was worthy of the headline act on this, but then again, looking through the band list I was convinced that they were the best band for the job. The set list itself was nothing surprising and I could not hear if there were any new songs from the upcoming new album, but I was impressed that the band showed some great passion, especially the drummer Ray Luzier who was in a good play mood. But after the show (while watching two guys fighting over a drumstick), I was asking myself two things. 1. Get Up as one of the encore songs? Really? And 2. Where the hell did Jonathan Davis left his famous kilt? That mistake is totally unacceptable! Just kidding, but I was bummed out about it. Well, at least we got to see him play the bag pipe.

Best: "Narcissistic Cannibal" and Ray Luzier's slamming beats

Worst: Where the hell were your kilt Jonathan?

Rating: 8,5/10 Freaks on leashes

Besides these bands that I have reviewed, I have also seen small glimpses of The Ghost Inside, Asking Alexandria, Carcass, Amaranthe and Napalm Death. Thanks for this year Metaltown. We will see if we meet again next year of if it will be another festival (like Sweden Rock or other).

Stay metal

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