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Psychostick - Do (2018)

Comedy is said to be one of the hardest things to pull off, especially in a consistent basis for a long time, which is probably why most comedic acts out there are either short lived, or has faded away in some way or form. So a band like Psychostick should definitely get a lot of respect for continuously providing their fans with really funny content, either it be a brilliant way to promote a show or a new shirt, or in this case, a whole new album. Eh, maybe it is just dumb luck that these guys are now releasing their 5th studio album, but that does not take away the fact that it is quite a feat to reach this far.

So with an epic title like "Do", you would expect some of the most complex and awesome shit that your ear holes have ever encountered. Well, you will have to settle with what Psychostick does best, mixing smart parodies and fun takes on every day problems with a lot of silly stuff, all packaged in an album that have tons of catchy grooves, and is drenched with passionate fun juice flowing from all of the four band members (that sounds kind of gross now that I think about it).

I kind of hate to say it, but a lot of the songs in "Do" hits a little too close to my heart, not because they are great songs, but because they kind of describe me. These songs are about being an introvert with low self esteem, having dreams of just play video games all day long, being as comfortable as possible. This probably makes me laugh even more at these songs, mostly because the band does such an amazing delivery in the comedic timing and the groovy rhythms that accompany the fun lyrics. Close to all of the songs tell a story as well, like in "Introvert Party Time" where the main guy just wants to stay at home, but gets forced to socialize, leading to an unexpected ending that I just cannot spoil.

Then we have the handful of songs that are just extremely silly, not really serving any purpose besides making you smile. Songs like "Tuesday", "Do", "Keys", and "Bacon, Egg, & Cheese On Toast W/ Shiracha" are empty calories that you happily digest in your brain, humming along to them from time to time. Just a song like "Thinkin' With Yer D" is incredibly stupid, but I have hummed its infectious melody so many god damn times, and I am not ashamed of it one bit. I think only the "Ducktales" theme is more infectious (fuck, now I got that in my brain).

As stated before though, there is a lot of smart stuff in here as well, and most of that can be found in the slower songs. "Stream Stutter" talks about the pain when you are not level with your spouse on a show, and "Rent In Peace" is a brilliant parody on 90's Metallica, while singing about video rental stores. The ace in the sleeve however is, as always when it comes to Psychostick, songs about hate, and I think they have outdone themselves this time with "From The Heart", a heartfelt ballad with a simple and timeless message, that I fucking hate you. The perfect song to send to your enemy.

The most laughs actually did not go to a song, but one of the three skits. All skits (all having titles that start with "Got_No_Breaks") is about the band working on a song about unstoppable motivation, and while the first and third part are fun, they did not come close to the extreme amount of air gasping laughs that the second part got. Every time Matty Moose goes "It's never been done before", I just lose my mind over the mad stupidity that is happening. that skit alone outweighs the few low points of the album, like "Uhhhnngg", "Gurrrrr", the obligatory outtakes, and that strange T-Pain parody "Flop" at the end of the record. I just did not get that last one at all.

So even if "Do" does not meet the pure epicness of its title, it might be one of the most complete Psychostick albums up to this date. The previous 4 albums have all been really fun to listen to, but they have had a bunch of blanks thrown in that does make them feel like Swiss cheese. "Do" is more like Gouda, it is easy to take in and remember, and while it might not be the most complex experience you have ever had, it is one you would like to relive again and again. What more needs to be said other than that "Do" is fun as hell, and it brings a smile to your face every time you turn it on. To quote those famous words uttered by Shia LaBeouf, "What are you waiting for? JUST DO IT!".

Songs worthy of recognition: Introvert Party Time, Adulting, From The Heart, Thinkin' With Yer D, Rent In Peace

Rating: 8,5/10 Keys


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