Monday, September 19, 2016

Only for the week: Part 33

All songs on this segment are gathered in a Spotify playlist, you can find it here

The Classic: Disturbed - Down With The Sickness

When nu-metal first emerged to the scene, it could easily be categorized into two different types. Needless to say, the type that included rap into the music is close to extinct, but the type in which Disturbed is in, where there were more alternative methods, is alive and well. The band has come a long way since the release of "The Sickness" in 2000, developed into one of the biggest mainstream metal acts today. It all started with a little single called "Down With The Sickness", a heavy, dark, and groovy song with cool riffing, in your face attitude, and a David Draiman who unleashed his now trademarked "Ooo Wrah-ah-ah-ah" for the first time. It was the sound of the new millennium, and it made sure that everyone felt the sickness.

The Newcomer: Ghost - Square Hammer

There seems to be no stop in Ghost's train of success, whom just keeps rolling onwards in an incredibly fast pace. The new EP "Popestar" may just be another release of covers that shows the band's influences, but it does contain one new song, and it holds the same, stupidly high quality that we have gotten a custom to. With an infectious groove, haunting keys, and an incredibly catchy chorus, "Square Hammer" smashes into your brain with an unstoppable force, killing your doubts for the band once and for all. Just one of many, many reasons to worship Papa Emeritus III and his nameless ghouls.

The Personal Favourite: Engel - Calling Out

Founded by the In Flames guitarist Niclas Engelin, Engel took the same sound that its bigger brother had, and industrialized it. While they have a lot of interesting songs, I have always found "Calling Out", taken from the debut record "Absolute Design", to be extra fascinating. It is pretty straight forward, but the riffing, the crunchy beat, and the fast solos really makes this song something special. But the most interesting part is that there are two versions of this song, each with their own unique chorus (and both work really well, in their own ways). For as simple as it is, the versatility on "Calling Out" is quite impressive.

Version 1 is in the video, version 2 (the one who eventually ended up on the album) will be available on the play list

Stay Metal!
Robert "Sharkruisher" Andersson

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