Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lordi - Monstereophonic (Theaterror Vs. Demonarchy) (2016)

Look at that album title. Just look at it. Seriously, just look at it, because it leaves me more or less speechless. This is some Rob Zombie like bull shit here, a long ass title that is balls hard to remember. It is not clever, not catchy, and it is most certainly not funny. It is just dumb. And the cover art is boring as hell too! Jesus Christ, this review started worse than I could have imagined.

Lordi's first impression could have obviously been better, but it is the music that matters, and guess what? It is not too shabby! Sure, it is still classic Lordi from start to finish, the same melodies and structures that we all know and love/hate, especially in the first half of the album is just filled with the same old thing. The two first songs ("Hug You Hardcore" and *insert stupidly long title of song about slaughtering He-Man*) are quite fun, showing off the band's quirky sense of humour (Seriously, "Hug You Hardcore" is really kinky) and some good riffing, but the following 4 songs are just boring filler, stuff that tries but does not get anywhere. You have heard it before, and it sounded better back in the days.

But after the interlude "SCG VIII: Opening Scene" (wut?), there is something that happens to "Monster..." and Lordi in general. They gather speed, reaching velocities they have not reached in years. "Demonarchy" is bat shit insane, unleashing furious riffs and a power that I did not think the band could muster. It took my by a big surprise, and I am loving it. It gets even better though, the chorus is catchy without being annoying, delivering a strong message to the people, and the solo is extremely fun and fitting. My god, have Mr. Lordi sold his soul again? This was more than a pleasant surprise.

While that was the high point of "Monster...", the second half brings us some really neat stuff that should not be ignored. "The Unholy Gathering" is a nice change of pace to the album, slowing things down a bit, "And The Zombie Says" is quite frightening, "Break of Dawn" has a great take on the "Painkiller" riff, and "The Night The Monsters Died" is a nice closer of the album, quite progressive for the band. So yeah, the album is surprisingly diverse for a Lordi record.

Despite a bad first impression, "Monster..." impressed me with its interesting song writing that is some of the more original stuff I have heard from Lordi.But in the end though, it is still a Lordi record, a album that is kind of corny, filled with worn out cliches, and predictable melodies. I still think the second half is fantastic, some of the best stuff the band has done since "The Arockalypse", and it makes me kind of excited for the band's next record, just to see if they can build further on that foundation. The real duds are still there though (eww, "Sick Flick"), so the expectations will not be raised to the skies, but if the band takes its time (and do not focus on making stupidly long album titles), they have a good chance to succeed once again.

Songs worthy of recognition: Demonarchy, the He-Man song, And The Zombie Says, Break of Dawn

Rating: 7,5/10 Hardcore Hugs


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