Monday, June 20, 2016

Only For The Week: Part 20

All of the songs on this segment is gathered in a Spotify playlist, you can find it here

The Classic: Judas Priest - Beyond The Realms of Death

I do not need to speak any words about "Beyond The Realms of Death", just listen for yourself, and you will understand the greatness of this song.

Check out my review of the album this song is from, "Stained Class"

The Newcomer: Gojira - Silvera

"Magma" in general is not a new "L'Enfant Sauvage", which might scare off some people, but do not worry, the album does have its fair share of heavy aggression, like in the awesome "Silvera". Good god, that opening riff is so amazing, and the song develops into one of the coolest and grooviest Gojira tracks ever. And then we have that epic and ultra technical solo that defies all sense, which I absolutely love. This is truly Gojira at their best.

The Personal Favourite: Enslaved - One Thousand Years of Rain

One of my favourite songs from last year, Enslaved dazzled me big time with "One Thousand Years of Rain". That opening riff alone (both the acoustic and normal version) makes this song amazing, but it is the flow and the tempo changes that takes it to a whole new level, twisting and turning your mind time and time again. It is a thinking man's song, and your brain cells will thank you for the exercise.

Check out my review of the album this song is from, "In Times"

Stay Metal!
Robert "Sharkruisher" Andersson

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