Monday, March 28, 2016

Only For The Week: Part 8

I hope all you metal head have had a good Easter, I certainly have. Great company, lots to drink, and a lot of music that has been both reviewed and listened to. I really feel like my productivity level is right where I want it to be, so let us hope that it keeps up. Anyway, here are this week's three songs, enjoy!

All of the songs on this segment is gathered in a Spotify playlist, you can find it here

The Classic: Pantera - Cowboys From Hell

With all the controversy that Phil Anselmo has created recently put aside, he and the rest of Pantera really knew how to kick ass with their unique metal style. "Cowboys From Hell" is one of their trademark songs for a very good reason, the riffing. The main riff is one of the coolest, craziest, and most amazing riffs that I have ever heard, being both futuristic and bad ass at the same time. Also, Dimebag completes his deliverance with a killer solo. This song would not be this good without its outrageous lyrics and the stunning force that the full band delivers. A true showing that Pantera was ahead of its time.

The Newcomer: Amon Amarth feat. Doro Pesch - A Dream That Cannot Be

I really do not know why, but whenever Doro Pesch makes a guest appearance, magic happens. It happened to Angra, and now it happened to Amon Amarth. "A Dream That Cannot Be" is one of the main songs for the story that centers "Jomsviking", where Doro plays the female character that is the protagonist's lost love. Not only do Doro do a strong impression as this character, but she gets a ton of help with a song that has great riffing, a killer chorus, and a delivery that crumbles mountains. It is a little early to say if it is one of the best songs Amon Amarth has done throughout their career, but it is the definite highlight of a great concept album.

Unfortunately, no video for this song :(

Check out my review of the album this song is from, "Jomsviking"

The Personal Favourite: Gojira - The Gift of Guilt

When I first discovered Gojira through the album "L'Enfant Sauvage", I really did not know what to expect. What I got was a groovy ass band that used their heaviness in a cool and unique way. But it was "The Gift of Guilt" that really made me love this band. The main riff is one of the catchiest riffs I have ever heard, and it just wont leave my skull, and whenever I least suspect it, it can pop up and make me hum it. The band delivers tons of emotions in this heavy and groovy song that could as well gone for over ten minutes with that riff alone. True magic!

Stay metal!
Robert "Sharkruisher" Andersson

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