Monday, March 21, 2016

Only For The Week: Part 7

Easter is upon us, a time where we celebrate the death of Jesus by painting eggs and tell children stories about witches and bunnies. A very strange holiday, but then again, maybe this is how Jesus would have been remembered, don't you think? No? Screw it then, I got nothing more, here are this week's three songs, enjoy.

All of the songs on this segment is gathered in a Spotify playlist, you can find it here

The Classic: AC/DC - Let There Be Rock

I am not a huge fan of AC/DC, mostly because they play the same stuff over and over again. However, it is pretty hard to deny the fact that they have had a huge impact on both rock and metal. There are a lot of songs to chose from, but "Let There Be Rock" is, according to me, the ultimate rock anthem. Not only does it tell the listener how Rock 'n' Roll was invented, but it also shows that the band can do other songs. That is right, this is a different tune, and I love it for just that reason. With that said, it still has the typical AC/DC trademarks, frenetic guitar play from Angus Young, the raspy vocals from Bon Scott (or Brian Johnson in this video), and that overall rocking feeling that is patented to AC/DC. The best part is though, if you experience this song live, you get 15+ minutes of it. The best kind of guitar wankery.

The Newcomer: Killswitch Engage - The Great Deceit

"Incarnate" was overall an uneven experience, with way too many songs and no solid direction to follow, but there are always some diamonds in the rough to be found when it comes to such merited bands like Killswitch Engage. "The Great Deceit" could almost be viewed as a modern thrash song, resembling the work of Shadows Fall, with its frantic riffing and aggressive approach. We do of course have a catchy chorus to add to it, but it does not take away the heaviness at all, which did actually surprise me. This is possibly the heaviest track the band has ever produced, and I would love to hear more of this in the future.

The Personal Favourite: Between The Buried And Me - Obfuscation

There is no secret that one of my favourite bands out there are Between The Buried And Me. After all, I did give their two latest album a 9 and a 10, so there was just a matter of time before I selected them to this playlist. However, I have chosen a song from one of the band's least good albums, "The Great Misdirect". The album itself is decent, with two killer songs, but it just does not have the amazing quality that I expect from the band. Anyway, my feelings for the album does not take away anything from "Obfuscation", which is a 9 minute joyride of insane drum beats and tempo shifts. In other words, it is typical BTBAM stuff, but even better. Just listen to the floating melody around 2:30, or the gloomy and psychedelic part in the middle of the song, these are the parts that makes "Obfuscation" so grand and diverse.

Stay metal!
Robert "Sharkruisher" Andersson

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