Friday, January 29, 2016

Dethrone - Incinerate All (2016)

As a metal head, there is no greater feeling than discovering a band that is from your own neighbourhood, and that is actually really good. While my neighbourhood might not be all too big, it still has its fair amount of metal fans and bands. One of these bands are the death/thrash metal band Dethrone, a quintet that was founded in Värnamo, Sweden around 2011 with only one thing in mind, to create killer songs.

I first encountered the band about three years ago, when I was at a release party for another local band, Solitude (also a great band, plays some interesting melodic metalcore) and their debut "Tied To The Anchor". Dethrone was the opening act, also promoting their debut album "Humanity", and they really impressed me with their extreme speed and power that really overwhelmed me.

Now the time has come for the guys to release their second full length album, entitled "Incinerate All", and it is just what I expected, and more. The band crushes everything in its path with a insane pace that is reminiscent of bands like The Haunted and Slayer. It is a speed that never seems to slow down, because the album (that is just under 40 minutes) goes by in a flash. If you are unfocused for just a short moment, you probably have missed half the album.

It is not only the speed that makes "Incinerate All" a wonderful experience. The frantic drumming by Simon Lundh is the heart and soul of the band's sound, the source of the extreme force that makes the band stand out. The two guitarists David Hartikainen and Jonas Carlsson also helps in creating this meaty sound, but they also bring some melody and personality to the music with their stand out riffs.

That is much needed, because even if all of the songs on the album hold a high standard, there are only small things that separates them from one another. This of course helps in creating a solid album that has a determined sense of direction, and I am also glad that it is all compressed into a firm 40 minute format, making this album intense and exciting. It also makes it hard to just pick out one song or two that defines the album, because they all are in some way or another. But since I usually chose a couple of songs from albums that you should take an extra look at, I may as well do it here as well. Listen carefully to the juggernaut called "Failure", the demonically melodic "Where Darkness Dwells", the insane opener "Reborn In Fire", and the multi layered "Dawn of Demise".

If "Humanity" was the warm up, then we are all burning in hell only by listening to "Incinerate All". The intensity here is just complete insanity, not giving you any room to breathe. It is almost like being in a frenetic mosh pit for 40 minute straight. While you may be exhausted afterwards, you will still be glad that you got to be a part of a ride that is just as fun as it is crazy. Needless to say, Dethrone wanted to incinerate all, and I think they succeeded in that mission.

Songs worthy of recognition: Failure, Reborn In Fire, Where Darkness Dwells

Rating: 8,5/10 Rat Kings

And since I want to promote these guys a little extra since they are from my neck of the woods, here are some links. Stay metal!


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