Friday, January 23, 2015

Megadeth - Youthanasia (1994)

With the release of "Youthanasia", Megadeth continued their transforming journey from one of the founders of thrash to something more mainstream, a transformation that saddened the thrash loving side of myself. To see a band that made some of the greatest thrash metal albums of all time making completely different music feels weird. But thanks to "Youthanasia", that weird feeling is now a positive one, instead of negative.

Just like "Countdown To Extinction", I would not count "Youthanasia" as a pure thrash release, but the album still has small hints of thrash in it, which of course makes it easier for the common Megadeth fan to listen to the album, but it is not only the small thrash injections that make "Youthanasia" a good album. The songs in the album feels more well thought through, having nice flowing structures and is a cohesive unit that is standing strong. Hell, even the ballad "A Tout Le Monde" (French for "To All The World") sounds good even if you are not used to hear such a slow and beautiful Megadeth song. This album really shows how much Mustaine has grown as a song writer.

For those of you who are only in it for the old school Megadeth sound, let me lead you to the solo in "The Killing Road", the heavy drive in "Reckoning Day", and the sweet groove in "Victory" that is obviously borrowed from "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?". However, I do advice that you also check out the other tracks in the album since most of them are fine heavy metal pieces that together builds a sturdy record with a very interesting artwork (even if it misses good ol' Vic).

As usual when it comes to works made by Mustaine, it comes with a pinch of controversial lyrics in it. "A Tout Le Monde" could easily be mistaken as a song about suicide, something that made MTV ban its music video from airing and has been connected to the Dawson College shooting in 2006. I find the lyrics in it beautiful, but I had to admit that I also thought it was about suicide, but it is still a fantastic song. I also like the lyrics in "Blood of Heroes", which acts as a response to those who believed that the band was sell outs, and the title track's lyrics about the lost generation is pretty nice as well.

Even if this album was created by the desire of that number one spot on the selling lists, it still feels like a album that comes from the heart. Mustaine shows a lot of maturity in "Youthanasia", something he did not show in "Countdown To Extinction". It is a nice little album that may easily get dismissed, just because it is another catchy and melodic effort by the thrash legends. So do not miss out on this album, because I do not want this album to end up to the album equivalent of Youthanasia and let it be forgotten among Megadeth's discography. Also, it is true, that heroes never dies, they just fade away from time to time.

Songs worthy of recognition: A Tout Le Monde, Reckoning Day, Blood of Heroes

Rating: 8/10 Family Trees

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