Sunday, January 25, 2015

Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor (2015)

Some people and bands can go on with one style or image forever more, while others changes their direction from time to time. And then there are those who just cannot do the same thing that made them famous because they do not have that youthful spirit anymore. Brian "Marilyn Manson" Warner seem to have finally realized that he can't be the Antichrist Superstar forever, and that he needs to tone down the insanity to even be a part of the music industry any more. A realization that may have come a little too late, but was necessary for him.

"The Pale Emperor" is a soft, almost bluesy kind of album were Manson tries to bring out other types of emotions than just chock. The sound does not get a complete overhaul, it has just gotten several tweaks here and there to make it seem brand new, but I can assure that for those of you who have listened to Manson's last couple of albums, you will recognize the music in "The Pale Emperor". There is also minor hints of the old Marilyn Manson (especially in the song "Deep Six"), but it is the calm melancholy that is the star of the show.

Despite its overall gloomy mood, "The Pale Emperor" is a surprisingly catchy album, and it succeeds in that part with either a slow, but effective groove, or with a easy, memorable chorus. Now that I think of it, I actually think it is Manson himself who makes the songs so catchy. His voice tone is mesmerizing, it entrances you to the point were you just sit back and let it all flow inside of you. A true work of a true professional.

But even if I do enjoy the whole album and do dig out to most of the songs, like "Killing Strangers", "Third Day of A Seven Day Binge", "The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles" and "Cupid Carries A Gun", it just tends to be boring when listening to this album for a long period of time. If the fast old school piece "Deep Six" did not exist, this album would become a snooze fest. It is obvious that Manson still needs to find some sort of balance with the old and new sound to really hit the head on the nail, but he is on a good way of doing just so.

I can definitely imagine that Marilyn Manson recorded this album while sitting in the exact same position he is on the cover. This album is laid back, soft blues metal that could reignite a flame that has been put out for a long time. Well, I do not think Manson will reach the same fame as he did during the 90's, but there is no denying that "The Pale Emperor" is a fine album and the sound fits Manson like a glove. However, next time I think he better hire someone else to handle the camera work. The image did not quite come out as razor sharp as it should have been.

Songs worthy of recognition: Deep Six, The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles, Cupid Carries A Gun

Rating: 7/10  Birds of Hell Awaiting

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