Sunday, September 29, 2013

Live review: Lillasyster at James Rockbar, Halmstad, Sweden

Most of you who lives outside of Sweden probably have no freaking idea of who Lillasyster is. Let me give you some background information. First off, the name is Swedish for little sister and the band was conceived in 2006 by former Lok members Martin Westerstrand and Daniel Cordero. They play heavy hard rock in Swedish with mostly humours lyrics and have released three albums ("Hjärndöd Musik För En Hjärndöd Generation", "Det Här Är Inte Musik, Det Här Är Kärlek" and "3").

The gig was held at James Rockbar in Halmstad, Sweden. It is a good place for metal heads if you are searching for cheap beer and great music. But the best part (besides the live gigs) is that they accept musical requests. That is enough for me.

So about the show itself. The setlist was mostly filled with their most popular songs, which was predictable, but I was surprised that they played several Lok songs like "Lok Står När De Andra Faller", "Lokpest" and "Sug Min". But there was two things in the setlist that pissed me of. First off, I think that they did not play any song from their second album. If they had put in like "Rad Efter Rad" or "Tid För En Idiot", it would have given the setlist more diversity. The second thing that made me angry is that they played their popular cover of the Rihanna hit "Umbrella". It is certainly a good cover, but I do not see the point with playing it live. Put in a own product there instead please.

The show was otherwise awesome when it came down to the performance, but it was the audience that made the show special. The crowd was truly wild and the singer had a really hard time to even try to make some conversation between the songs. The audience was infact so good that we got a couple of stage dives and the band was even willing to join in a small run of "Seven Nation Army". By the way, I think there was about 250 people in the bar (which is not completely its maximum capacity).

So it was a nice concert that lasted for an hour and a half, but it was far from perfect. The setlist could have been better and the band was infact one hour late. But in the end, if you leave the concert with a sweatty body and sore (or alcohol drenched) feets, then you know that it was a great concert.

Best: Great audience and "Hårdrock"

Worst: "Umbrella"? Really?!?!

Rating: 8,5/10 Lokpester

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