Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Katatonia - Dethroned & Uncrowned (2013)

It was only a mere year ago since the Swedish gothic doom band Katatonia released a album. That album was "Dead End Kings" and was a excellent display of the band's capability. Before I listened to this new record entitled "Dethroned & Uncrowned", I had to go back to "Dead End Kings" and remember the songs from there. Why? Because this album is practically "Dead End Kings". Katatonia has taken the song names and the lyrics from "Dead End Kings", got rid of the drums and the heavy guitars and given the songs a acoustic sound. Yes, these are re imagined versions of the songs in "Dead End Kings".

What are my thoughts of this album? Well I personally feel that the band is covering them self. It is a pretty neat idea, but I feel that the band should be focusing on writing new material instead of reinventing their old. Then again, it is exciting to see two sides of the same coin I guess.

To continue this review, I thought why not have a battle, song versus song. Sounds good? No? Well fuck you too. My blog, my rules. Here we go.

The Parting Vs. The Parting
This song was pretty good in both albums, although I think that the guitar part near the end of the song has more effect with the string instruments on Dethroned. A very close fight that Dethroned wins in Sudden Death.

The One You Are Looking For Is Not Here Vs. The One You Are Looking For Is Not Here
This is one of the more boring songs on both of the albums, so I am going with the version that has the most "action" in it. So the winner here is the original from "Dead End King".

Hypnone Vs. Hypnone
This is a powerful song, and I think that powerful songs like this need a clean and determined guitar to really pop out. So this is a no brainer for me. "Dead End King" version wins.

The Racing Heart Vs. The Racing Heart
Very few differences between these two songs. There may be some faster beats in the end of the "Dead End King" version, but it is not enough for me to see them as two individual versions. So this match up ends in a tie.

Buildings Vs. Buildings
This is one of my favourites from "Dead End Kings", so I did not expect that the Dethroned version would top it, which it did not. However, I still liked that version very much with its maracas beats and mellow mood. Still, one more point for "Dead End Kings"

Leech Vs. Leech
This is one of my least favourite songs in both versions. Do not like the overall feel that the song brings. But the Dethroned version is better because it feels right too keep the same slow tempo throughout the song. One point for Dethroned.

Ambitions Vs. Ambitions
This is another close match up. Both versions captures the pain and misery that the song stands for in their own unique ways. So the only way to separate them is to see which song is more metal. That win goes to the original version.

Undo You Vs. Undo You
Did not like this song last year, and I do not like this song this year. So no points for neither of the albums.

Lethean Vs. Lethean
The acoustic version is fine, but it is not the same without the nice guitar solo. So it is a easy win for the original version.

First Prayer Vs. First Prayer
This is a pretty bland song, but it gives a even match up between the two versions. Both versions have valid reasons to win so the winner is the one that came first.

Dead Letters Vs. Dead Letters
My favourite song from "Dead End Kings". Really love the Tool vibes I get from this song. How about the Dethroned version? No, it does not have the same powerful effect, so it is another clear win for the original.

Final Score: "Dead End Kings" 8 - 3 "Dethroned & Uncrowned"

Not surprisingly, "Dead End Kings" is the superior of the albums, but "Dethroned & Uncrowned" has its moments where the acoustic sound really makes an impact on the listener. But I still feel like this album is a cover album that comes way too soon after the original. If you liked "Dead End Kings" you will probably learn to enjoy "Dethroned & Uncrowned", but I see it as a unnecessary waste of time for Katatonia and their talent.

Songs worthy of recognition: The Parting, Ambitions

Rating: 4,5/10 Leeches

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