Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mutiny Within - Synchronicity (2013)

After a promising, but mediocre, self titled debut in 2010, Mutiny Within from Edison, New Jersey was a band that at least I thought was going to be a force to be reckoned with. A solid mix of melodic death metal, power metal and even some core was well enough for me to get interested. Unfortunately, the band took a one and a half year long hiatus starting in the beginning of 2011, an inappropriate hiatus that stopped the band from growing their fan base. But now the band is back with renewed strength and their second full-length release "Synchronicity". A album that I hoped would be an development of the predecessor and that it would keep the exciting, musical abilities.

The first thing I notice with this album is that the power that the debut showed is almost completely gone. Not even a hint of power in any of the song. That was one thing I loved with the last album, the power gave most of the songs another dimension and raised them higher. Without the power, the music became somewhat bland. Another thing I was missing was the intentions that I felt from the last album. They were gone and so were the excitement. Without those two elements, Mutiny Within sounded like a slightly better version of 30 Seconds To Mars, and no, that is not a compliment for Mutiny Within. Most of these songs feel forced and lacks originality which made every listening session, more or less, excruciating.

But there are some light in this otherwise dark tunnel. Some of the songs still shows a small sign of death metal and those are also the songs that stands out in "Synchronicity". Songs like "Falls To Pieces" and "Become" feels interesting and the bands cooperation is at its best on those songs. But the death metal does not get the lead role until the song "Machines" where the bands potential is really showing off, especially Chris Clancy is really making a great work here with his vocals. Such a shame that they did not make more of this kind of music on "Synchronicity". The last notable song in this record is also the best of them. "Life To Dust" has the best song structure, best vocal work and best chorus in this album. The only song that is even close to reaching as high as the best songs from the bands previous album.

Otherwise there are not much more in "Synchronicity" that is worthy of any notice. The whole experience is nothing more than a sigh followed by a "of well, it is okay I guess". "Synchronicity" is not glistening and it shows a side of the band that I would be more than happy to get away from. As in their debut, the intentions are there but the whole idea is far from perfect. So please come back when you have something interesting to show, otherwise it would probably be best if you would return to that hiatus.

Songs worthy of recognition: Life To Dust, Machines

Rating: 4,5/10 Signs

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