Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Black Veil Brides - Wretched And Divine: The Story of The Wild Ones (2013)

I know what you are thinking. Why the hell would I listen to this band? Well, I agree that Black Veil Brides image is pure shit but the music they make is actually not that horrible (but it is still not world class) and if you had the endurance to check on your right and read the description of myself you would know that I listen to anything in the rock industry. I even listen to some Fall Out Boy, Limp Bizkit and even two Nickelback songs (not proud of that though). So giving Black Veil Brides third full-length album a chance was pretty much natural for me, especially since I enjoyed their last album, "Set The World On Fire". I will not blame you for hating my choice of music and you do not have to read this review. So stop hating and read this review or f**k off.

Anyhow, "Wretched And Divine: The Story of The Wild Ones" tells the story displayed on the film "Legion of The Black", a movie that follows the rebel group The Wild Ones as they defend against the evil group F.E.A.R. So yeah, this could be considered as a concept album but it is not a very exciting concept. A classical big evil force against a underground rebel group that tries to create a revolution. Well you have not heard of that story before! (notice the sarcasm).

The band describes this album as Social Distortion meets Metallica, a comparison I am not willingly to agree on. I would say that this album is a mix between pop-rock and light-metal. Sort of like Papa Roach meets Avenged Sevenfold. A mix that screams mediocrity and it does not help that this album contains one of my favourite hate songs.The interludes. The reason why I hate them is because they are useless as individual songs. Why cannot bands bake them in together with the normal songs. I know I am being petty about it but I still hate those tracks. So according to me there are not 19 songs on this album, there are 13 songs.

The songs that is worthy of being labeled as songs on this album is overall okay but not astounding. Two of the characteristics that Black Veil Brides had on their two previous albums was punk-speed and some glistening guitar work, two characteristics I am missing from this record. The guitars are more or less anonymous and the attitude the band is showing is not convincing. The only time when the band is showing some what bad ass attitude is in "In The End", the only song with some shredding in it. Unfortunately, that is the last normal song in the album so the band is waking up way too late. The remaining songs are just completely bland and uninteresting with just minor interesting intentions ("Shadows Die", "Days Are Numbered" and "Wretched And Divine").

A boring concept, some uninspiring songs and some young guys with make-up. Yeah, that is how I would sum up "Wretched And Divine: The Story of The Wild Ones". There is nothing with this album that is innovative nor very interesting. So I would suggest to Black Veil Brides that they would take a minor brake on song writing and find a new direction in their music. A direction that is new, exciting and will take the band to the next level. Until then, the only song from Black Veil Brides I will listen to is "In The End", the only song that has some balls.

Songs worthy of recognition: In The End,  Wretched And Divine

Rating: 5/10 Devil's Choirs

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