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Lordi - Sexorcism (2018)

The Finnish monster band Lordi has certainly established a place within the metal sphere, and by most they could be seen as the "80's slasher film" of metal. They are pretty corny, their effects are far from the best, and they are not scary at all, but damn, they are entertaining. Their original brand of unoriginal metal works quite well most of the time, and in recent releases they have been incorporating some new elements here and there to gain an extra spark, but just like any slasher film, the countless of sequels tend to be one of two things, forgettable or out right ridiculous.

Well, I would say that "Sexorcism" lands somewhere in between that scale, because most of the lyrics are really strange, but the music is surprisingly laid back, not at all showing any real interest. Let us start with the lyrics, because they are more fun to talk about. Just like the album title hinted, "Sexorcism" is without a doubt the dirtiest Lordi album to date, singing a lot about making people (and beasts) cum, keeping girls locked in the basement, and other stuff the band has not really touched on before. It is dangerously close to Steel Panther level of sleazy sexism (the album cover itself is just disgusting), but they do balance it out with some horror puns and mentions of Satan, so it is all good.

Just such a shame that the music is mostly stale and predictable. Sure, Lordi may not be known for their ability to twist and turn a song structure, but at least they have shown some growth in later records, especially in the instrumental department with some nifty guitar work and haunting keys. Both of those are still the strong point of the record, but there are not many sections that I can truly remember, so they are not exactly helping the album to become memorable.

This makes "Sexorcism" a very flat lined album, not really bringing out any real emotion out of me. The entire record is okay song after okay song, with close to all of them not really standing out. The band is obviously trying, but the material is hard to work with, like how can you take an awful pun like "Poterchrist" and make a good song about it, or how about the horror swing known as "Hot & Satanned", a very strange song, even with Lordi's standard.

Fortunately, there is always a couple of songs that do have enough power in them to save the record, and "Sexorcism" has its fair share as well. The title track is a great opener that really sets the bar, and I also love the comedy that "Romeo Ate Juliet" brings (a play I would love to see). Both "Hell Has Room" and "Naked In My Cellar" has some nice power to them so that you will not fall asleep, and "Haunting Season" ends the album well with a nice creepy atmosphere. None of these songs will most likely not be any future classics, but they do offer enough quality to a record that is starving for some.

So while "Sexorcism" is not in the embarrassing levels of an album like "Deadache", it is definitely not gonna go down in history as one of Lordi's proudest achievements. It is an album that tries to be shocking with its dirty humour, but the music just does not match up, over shadowing the lyrics to give this record a very grey aura. I would not say this is a disappointing album (it sounds like Lordi after all), but i definitely hoped for more since they had a good streak going. I really sure hope the demon who possessed that poor lady had fun, cause I was only mildly amused.

Songs worthy of recognition: Romeo Ate Juliet, Naked In My Cellar, Sodomesticated Animal

Rating: 6/10 Polterchrists

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