Sunday, February 25, 2018

Legend of The Seagullmen - S/T (2018)

Okay, it is time once again to play the age old game "Super group under microscope", in which we take a newly formed super group, take a look at who is in it, and where they originate from. So who is our next contestant? Well well, here we have a band that is called Legend of The Seagullmen, and its two men that stands out here, Tool drummer Danny Carey, and Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds. Tool and Mastodon, that sounds like a heavenly fusion, and add an additional four scallywags into the mix, and you get a wacky group of land crabs creating some crazy music.

It would probably be wise of me to stop using sea lingo, but how could I resist when an album like this comes along. This is obviously a group that was created as a fun little side project, with no real serious intentions. Just a bunch of friends who comes together to make something completely different from what they normally do. So yes, unfortunately this does not resemble either Tool or Mastodon, but what "Legend of The Seagullmen" do resemble is a sort of alternative rock that do sound a little like Turbonegro, but without the speed. Or maybe I should just copy/paste what they wrote, "Legend of the Seagullmen is a genre destroying super-group crafting conceptual rock 'n' roll hymns of epic proportions.". Sounds about right.

So all these talented dudes ends up with a 8 track, 37 minutes long rock album that certainly has some interesting things to it. The whole atmosphere is really nice, very dirty and grim, but still with a lot of joy behind it, and that joy comes straight from the band members who obviously had a blast recording this album. Then we have the stories that this album is telling, and they are all nice little tales from the sea, together creating an image for the album that my not be the most original, but still fits really well with what the band is trying to accomplish.

While the album itself is not that big, it still holds some nice, juicy meat that we all can chew on for some time. Some nice punk grooves, some more mysterious bits, and a very salty aroma that pierces through your nostrils. It all leads to some really nice moments, like Hinds' sweet guitar play in "Shipswreck", the classic Black Sabbath melodies in "Rise of The Giant", the epic ending in "Ballad of The Deep Sea Diver", and the fast punk vibe in the song "Legend of The Seagullmen", that is on the album "Legend of The Seagullmen", played by Legend of The Seagullmen... Legend of The Seagullmen.

So all in all, this is a pretty harmless album that does not have that much to offer, but it does a good job in killing off some time. The music is nice, and the band seem to have a lot of fun together, but at the end of the day, this is just a side record that is probably not gonna be remembered down the stretch. I am not gonna criticize this album all to much, because I know it was just a bunch of friends coming together, making music, nothing more, but it does not do anything extra to make me go all wild and crazy. It is a fun little album, no more, no less, perfect for a trip to the seven seas.

Songs worthy of recognition: Legend of The Seagullmen, Rise of The Giant, Ballad of The Deep Sea Diver

Rating: 7/10 Foggers

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