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Best of Motörhead

When entering this discography series of Motörhead, I was kind of expecting one album multiplied by 20, with only some small changes here and there to keep things relatively refreshing. Now that I am done, I can look back at this catalog and say the unspoken truth, that Motörhead is NOT a one trick pony. Close to all of the albums actually have a unique personality that makes it stand out. Obviously, we get several copies of several songs, but the band keeps on trucking, delivering fun stuff. Anyway, it has been a fun road trip down all of the band's 22 albums (not counting "No Remorse", it is basically a compilation album), but now it is time to look back and decide what is the best of the best, here is the best of Motörhead.

Best albums

3. Iron Fist

It was not easy to follow up "Ace of Spades", but Motörhead did a really good attempt in "Iron Fist", delivering more of that fist pumping rock 'n' roll/heavy metal that is so effective. "Iron Fist" is just balls to the wall fun, spitting out 12 songs in a short period of time, each faster and catchier than the next. It hits you hard, it hits you fast, it hits you right in the gut, that "Iron Fist" sure knows the spot to punch.

2. Orgasmatron

Man, I just love an album that has some meat in it, and "Orgasmatron" has a whole BBQ buffet of it. There is a lot going on in this record, displaying close to all of the styles that Motörhead has shown over the years in a song roster that is incredibly strong. Top it off with an ultra manly title track, and "Orgasmatron" rides the railway with tons of speed and power, not letting anything stop it. Choo choo!

1. Ace of Spades

I was hoping to be original here and not claim "Ace of Spades" as Motörhead's crowning achievement, but I could not do it, this album is just too damn good. The title track and "(We Are) The Roadcrew" are obvious reasons to why this record has become an all time classic, but there is much more to it than just two killer tracks. Every song in here helps making "Ace of Spades" a well rounded behemoth that is not afraid to maul down anyone. This is peak Motörhead at its finest, holding all the aces in its hand.

Worst album


While none of the 22 Motörhead albums are technically bad, there are a couple of albums that are not too inspiring, with the 2002 album "Hammered" feeling the least inspired. It has a couple of neat songs like "Voices From The War" and "Red Raw", but overall, it is a pretty dull album that pales in comparison to the rest of the class. Certainly not a memorable one.

Best songs

10. Burner
9. Death Or Glory

Both songs comes from "Bastards", and while the album is far from the best the band has done, it contains a one two punch that is pretty hard to beat, with "Burner" scorching everyone with its blazing speed, and "Death Or Glory" sweeping up the remains with its more controlled, but still determined, self. A nice duo that works out of each other's strengths.

8. (Teach You How To) Sing The Blues

Definitely the grooviest song in the whole discography, this song out of "Motörizer" is sure to get you up on your feet and start moving wildly. Also, how can you not love a song that has the line "If you wanna get your hands on a beautiful girl, you gotta use a Mastercard".

7. Overkill

I still consider "Overkill" to be one of the ultimate live songs, because you can keep this song up for ages, with its multiple endings and enormous solos. I can only imagine what Angus Young could have done if AC/DC had made this song.

6. Ace of Spades

There is no debate that "Ace of Spades" is the band's most important song, because it launched their legendary career, and it is still amazing that it holds up so well today, with its awesome riffs and witty lyrics. It is as unforgettable as the joker.

5. Iron Fist

While "Ace of Spades" created the formula, it was "Iron Fist" who perfected the art of speedy Motörhead groove. A fist pumping runaway train that does not seem to have a brake, this song just goes full speed until it punches enough people in their face and eardrum. We certainly know you well, and we are glad we do.

4. Back At The Funny Farm

Despite its strange production, "Back At The Funny Farm" is simply just a great song about the mental institution. With that is surprisingly calm, a solo that takes unexpected turns, and an insane Lemmy at the helm, it just makes this road trip a fun one, giving out long sleeved jackets to everyone.

3. Killed By Death

Released on the compilation album "No Remorse", I feel bad that "Killed By Death" did not get a proper place among any of the main records, but it being out at all is a clear win for all of us. It is not the fastest song, nor the heaviest, but it is just smart, pulling out an unforgettable chorus and a well crafted structure to go out of. It is truly a gem hidden in the history of the band.

2. (We Are) The Roadcrew

Being a roadie for Motörhead must have been great. Not only do you work under Lemmy, the legend of legends, but you also get an amazing song dedicated for your hard work and effort. It is a fast and fun song that quite accurately describes all the happenings behind the show, and it is doing so with a comedic gleam in the eye. It is obvious that Lemmy is proud of all the men who makes the tour happen, and he shows it with one of the best song imaginable.

1. Orgasmatron

As soon as the opening words "I am the one, Orgasmatron" are blurred out, more or less everything on your body has risen up. This is truly a unique song that I am sure no other band can really match, searching all of the deepest and darkest corners the band has in its bag of tricks, and putting them together to a meaty 5+ minute songs. Still remember this song from when I saw the band live, with all the lights out except for one green spotlight that lit up Lemmy's face, making him even more terrifying. It is truly the one, THE "Orgasmatron".

Best album cover

Another Perfect Day

This one was hard, because Snaggletooth has looked so good in several different forms, but it is something with this surreal version that just speaks to me. Blending that light blue with those yellows, oranges, and reds makes this piece very interesting, and maybe even outright scary if you are on drugs. Nonetheless, it is a cool and creative cover, signed by Snaggletooths master himself, Joe Petagno

Total discography verdict

Quality: 9/10
You know what you get with the band, nice rock 'n' roll that will never let you down.

Creativity: 7/10
There is surprisingly a lot of variety in the music, so Lemmy do surely know how to still make it interesting.

Band Chemistry: 9/10
Some instability in the beginning of the career, but once Phil and Mikkey was added, Motörhead was set for life.

Musicality: 6/10
Never really flashy or anything, the band still plays off their strengths. Extreme technicality just does not fit them.

Lyrics: 8/10
From war and abuse, to sex and other fun shit, Lemmy sure knows how to write some smart stuff into the songs (and funny
stuff too).

Album rating summary

Motörhead: 7/10
Overkill: 8,5/10
Bomber: 8,5/10
Ace of Spades: 10/10
Iron Fist: 9/10
Another Perfect Day: 7,5/10
Orgasmatron: 9,5/10
Rock 'n' Roll: 6,5/10
1916: 6,5/10
March Ör Die: 6/10
Bastards: 8/10
Sacrifice: 7/10
Overnight Sensation: 7/10
Snake Bite Love: 6,5/10
We Are Motörhead: 9/10
Hammered: 5,5/10
Inferno: 8,5/10
Kiss of Death: 7/10
Motörizer: 8/10
The Wörld Is Yours: 7,5/10
Aftershock: 6/10
Bad Magic: 7/10

Average rating: 7,545454545454545/10

Tune in next week to see which band is next on the chopping block, getting its discography the review treatment.

Stay Metal!
Robert "Sharkruisher" Andersson

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