Saturday, December 3, 2016

Freedom Call - Master of Light (2016)

There is no question that power metal is a stand out genre in the ever growing metal tree, because it is close to the only one that genuinely sounds joyful, rarely using any darkness at all. There is no other band that shows this better than Freedom Call, the happiest metal band in the universe. Whenever I feel down or sad, I just put on this band, and their angelic anthems instantly brings a smile to my face. It never fails.

"Master of Light" follows on the same tracks as its predecessors. It is fast, powerful, epic, and cheesy, exactly what you would expect, and want, from a new Freedom Call record. The Germans certainly does not disappoint, this album will get your head banging and force your frown to turn upside down, even if you like it or not. Seriously, how can you not smile to this? It is like telling a kitten that it is ugly, it is just impossible (unless it is a hairless cat, then it is a little bit easier).

But what is it that makes Freedom Call so different from other power metal bands? What is it that makes them this happy pill? Personally, I think it is a combination of two things. The first one is the choruses, that are not only really catchy, but the band often uses choirs to amp up the epicness even further, and it works so god damn well. The other part of this recipe of happiness is the band's passion. You can truly feel that the band love what they are doing, giving 110% in every millisecond of this record. That passion is highly infectious, and a big reason to the drive of the record.

With that said, there is one thing that makes me a little bummed out over "Master of Light", and that is that it is nothing special. The band has done this before, showing little to no evolution in neither music nor lyrics. It is quite obvious that the band is comfortable in their sound, and that they have no intentions on changing it any time soon, but write some different lyrics at least, just do something to stir the pot up.

The monotony is annoying, but there are still several songs in here that stands really strong, showing the band's full potential. All you Liverpool fans will love "A World Beyond", where singer Chris Bay states that we never have to walk alone in a really inspirational way. We also have "Ghost Ballet", where the loud keyboards intertwine with some really heavy guitar riffs, creating a play that would make "The Swan Lake" look ugly. "Metal Is For Everyone" goes without saying that it is a metal anthem that should be sung for the ages, it is a potential fan favourite just for the title itself. And while I personally do not like it, "High Up" ends the album with one of the cheesiest vocal melodies I have heard in a long time. Some of you cheese lovers might appreciate it.

Despite looking like a discount Manowar album, "Master of Light" is Freedom Call through and through. It is happy metal at its best, energetic stuff that has the power to power entire cities for weeks. Yeah, it is not much different from any other record the band has done, but it gets the job done well. It is simple and epic power metal that might not stick in your mind for all too long, but for the moment, it is a happy pill with a 100% success rate. If you excuse me, I need to take my recommended daily dose now.

Songs worthy of recognition: A World Beyond, Metal Is For Everyone, Ghost Ballet

Rating: 7/10 Masters of Light

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