Monday, October 24, 2016

Only for the week: Part 38

All songs on this segment are gathered in a Spotify playlist, you can find it here

The Classic: Yngwie Malmsteen - Heaven Tonight

We can't have a kick ass play list without the Swedish virtuoso known as Yngwie Malmsteen. The man who personifies the "more is more" attitude has inspired guitarists for generations, and have done so by making a lot of great music over the years. "Heaven Tonight" is one of his bigger hits, a song that personifies the 80's with its big hair chorus, synthy melody, and of course, a classic Malmsteen solo that is faster than the speed of light. It may be guitar wanking, but it is the best kind of guitar wanking.

The Newcomer: Anciients - Ibex Eye

Anciients have soared up as one of the hottest new bands in metal, releasing a solid first effort in "Heart of Oak" in 2013, and now an even better record in "Voice of The Void". The clear highlight of this intriguing record is the 10 minute long "Ibex Eye", a accelerating track that just reeks of Mastodon, without straight out ripping them off. The Tool drum line and harsh vocals helps out too, making this song very versatile and exciting. It is even close that I wished that it would be longer.

The Personal Favourite: Human Cometh - Left Behind

The unsigned band Human Cometh from Örebro, Sweden is a true personal favourite of mine, with their mystical and mesmerizing style of heavy metal, they took me by storm, and have never let me down since. The band have released three excellent albums, so choosing just one song was hard, but "Left Behind" from the latest record, "Mayan Logic", is simply amazing. Great instrumentation that even has some neo classical elements to it, and a chorus that is as grand as it possibly could be.

sorry, no video :(

Stay metal!
Robert "Sharkruisher" Andersson

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