Monday, August 8, 2016

Only for the week: Part 27

All songs on this segment are gathered in a Spotify playlist, you can find it here

The Classic: System of A Down - Chop Suey!

While it may be most famous for the opening lines, for sounding like complete gibberish, and its extreme main riff, "Chop Suey!" is a surprisingly diverse song, containing some calm parts where Serj Tankian can really shine, and deliver some heavy messages. That has always been the strength of the band, delivering such world criticism in music that is extremely unique.Still, the best part is the parts you can scream along to.


The Newcomer: Witherscape - The Examiner

With the release of "The Northern Sanctuary", Dan Swanö took another step forward in making Witherscape one of the most interesting projects out in the metal world, creating songs with grand emotions. "The Examiner" is simple in its structure, but extremely diverse in its execution, displaying some fantastic instrumentation and marvelous melodies. Be also on the look out for the subtle solo that makes your skin crawl, in a really good way.

Check out my review of the album this song is from, "The Northern Sanctuary"

Sorry, no video :(

The Personal Favourite: The Omega Experiment - Furor

Where has this band gone? Seriously, when the love child of Dan Wieten and Ryan Aldridge blasted into the scene in 2012 with the self titled debut, I was seriously shocked of this fantastic quality that it contained. "Furor" is the ultimate highlight of the album, combining pure force with extremely epic melodies. One would think that this was taken from some B-side of a Devin Townsend release, because it has almost everything that the Canadian is known for. Hell, Dan even sounds like Devin!

My research tells me that the duo is working on a follow up, but no official word is out yet.I really hope that it matches the quality of "The Omega Experiment", and especially the fury of "Furor".

Check out my review of the album this song is from, "The Omega Experiment"

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