Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Algorithm - Brute Force (2016)

Even though the metal world has endless amounts of sub genres that has been developed over several decades, it seems like there is no stop to the evolution of metal. The next step might just be here, and it is named The Algorithm, a French duo consisting of Rémi Gallego and Max Michel that mixes electronic music with some djent influences.

The band has previously released 2 other albums, but on "Brute Force", they take on a heavier approach, letting the guitar being more involved in the music, and also adding heavier drum works. Judging by the name of the album, this was not a surprising move, but it is certainly one that is welcome, because it is always a risk to add something that is far from metal into metal. Sure, the electronica parts are still the biggest factor in the music, but now it feels like a perfect fusion of the elements instead of just layering in the guitars and drums afterward.

The whole sound of the album is very futuristic, like if someone had to describe The Matrix or Tron, only using sound. The electronica leads the charge with its captivating melodies and an overall dystopian feeling. I am absolutely not bothered with the electronica at all, but when it takes too much room and tries to force in even more, it can come out as some obnoxious dub step, but fortunately, that happens very rarely in "Brute Force". It often comes in with finesse instead, adding to the music instead of shoving its way to the front.

"Brute Force" has one clear strength, and that is its consistency. All the songs in here hold a good, fairly high standard while also staying within the same type of sound, making this album a very dense, cohesive force. However, this is also the album's greatest weakness. Since every song is within the same range, and the fact that this is a fully instrumental album, it does take some time and thinking to separate the songs apart from each other. I would have loved if the guys could have had some more diversity in this, like adding a really slow and a really heavy song, just to break this thing up. So the consistency is ultimately like a two edged sword in this album.

As an entity, "Brute Force" works really well. The power these guys produces are enough to run the toughest of processors without any lag. It is an interesting album from an interesting band, but to get the next level, I want to see some more diversity in the music. Good quality can only take you so far. Nonetheless, "Brute Force" is one of the most unique releases of this year, and whether you are along for the ride on the electronic parts or not, I still recommend that you at least give this well calculated album a chance. The evolution continues to places unknown.

Songs worthy of recognition: pointers, brute force, userspace

Rating: 7/10 deadlocks

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