Monday, November 30, 2015

Júlio Stotz - Dark Ravishing Energy EP (2015)

About a year back in time, I reviewed a EP made by Brazilian-German music composer Júlio Stotz called "Suspended In Reverie", a beautiful instrumental EP that mixed heavy djent inspired riffs with more fluent and vibrant piano melodies. An all in all great effort that still to this day is one of my favourite EPs that I have reviewed on this blog.

The same guy has now come with "Dark Ravishing Energy", a EP with more of the same, sweet thing. 4 brand new songs that will cleanse your mind with beauty and emotions. All of the songs displayed here are nice individual works that ties together perfectly in both style and sound to create a grand unity.

All 4 songs are worthy of a listen, for different reasons. The opener "Will To Power" succeeds in telling a story, without uttering any words, while "Delusions" shows some good technicality with its epic synths, sustained guitars, and oddly satisfying drum beats. Then we have "Verstonnen" (German for thoughtful), a calm song with no guitars, only beautiful piano melodies that never seem to end. Finally, we have "In Spite of Everything", a nice, epic song that includes guitar solos from Olaf Thorsen (Vision Divine, Labyrinth) and Ivan Mihaljevic (Side Effects).

The song line-up certainly matches the one in "Suspended in Reverie", but because this EP was named "Dark Ravishing Energy", I expected something that would resemble the name, something more feisty. And just like with the last EP, I would have loved to heard more. 4 songs  with a combined play time of 17 minutes is just not enough to satisfy my needs for good music.With that said, I still think this EP is another fine release from Júlio. Here he shows again that he knows how to create a stunning mood and accompany it with great musicality. A marvelous EP of unique and stunning music.

Songs worthy of recognition: All four songs are worthy

Rating: 8/10 Delusions


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