Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Best of Megadeth

Another discography review is done, and boy, this one was a wild ride. Ups and downs, lefts and rights, glories and shits, this discography offered quite a lot. Megadeth has sure had an incredible career, but how incredible is it really? Well, let us find out, here is the best of Megadeth.

Best album

3. Endgame
This mix of speedy thrash and modern metal was the tip of the iceberg that was Megadeth's second golden age. It is a fantastic album that mixes extreme fury, awesome riffs and solos, and sweet song writing. If you lost faith in Megadeth in the 90's and have not dared to get back into the band, get this one now. I promise that you will not regret it.

2. Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
The album that launched Megadeth's career, a tightly packed thrash sandwich that just consists of great songs, endless solos and riffs, and a weird, but fun, cover. Definitely more attractive than peace.

1. Rust In Peace
Easily, one of the most ground breaking records of all times. A album filled with solos, riffs, beats and melodies that never seems to end. This thrash orgasm is something every metal head should listen to in their life at least once... or twice... ah, fuck it, at least one hundred times. A time less classic.

Worst album

I think any commentary here is unnecessary, you probably get why I chose this as the worst. If you don't, then consider yourself lucky to have not heard this album.

Best song

5. Hangar 18
This song consists only of 16 lines of lyrical material, which leaves lots of room for the twin guitars going ham at each other. Some may think that "Hangar 18" got too much of the good stuff, I say that I only want more. An amazing barrage of riffs and solos that just hits you hard and fast multiple times.

4. A Tout Le Monde
Still feels incredibly weird to hear such a heavy band play this fragile ballad, but it is still a perfect, beautiful piece that shows that Dave is more than riffs and solos. Just do not listen to the remake that came out in "United Abominations", it is not worthy of your time.

3. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
The opening riff gets you hooked and banging at full speed, but it is the excellent song writing and the smooth structure that keeps you along for the full ride. This song starts of one of the mightiest albums ever created and sets the bar for the rest of the tracks. An instant classic.

2. In My Darkest Hour
Starting off beautifully and slow, this track from "So Far, So Good... So What!" lures the listener into a false sense that this could be a ballad of some sorts. But when Dave starts singing darker and deeper, and the guitars starts to pick up some speed, the song completely changes personality. One of the most versatile tracks I have ever heard.

1. Good Mourning/Black Friday
If someone would get the crazy idea of making a horror film based on a Megadeth song, I would suggest them this one as an inspiration source. "Good Mourning/Black Friday" is a dark experience that picks up speed along the way, attacking the listener with riffs, solos, aggressive drums and lyrics about a manic butcher. A magical song that gives you the feeling that it could go on forever, and you would not mind at all. It doesn't get more thrash than this.

Best album cover

Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?

Seeing Vic as a real estate agent trying to sell a UN headquarter that lies in ruins is just candy for the eyes. A picture that fits perfectly with the album title, giving it an iconic cover that is very memorable. This also helped Vic to become what he is today, a iconic mascot for the band.

Total discography verdict

Quality: 6/10
When it is good, it is amazing, but when it is bad, it is out right offensive. The uneven form that Megadeth has shown us during the years is frightening since you do not know what you will get next. Fortunately, there is more good than bad music... for now.

Creativity: 8/10
Dave is known for his experimentation, so he is without a doubt creative, but he has always had a core heart in his music that makes it recognizable as something Megadeth would do. Just listen to his versatility on the riffs and you will see what a creative person he actually is.

Band chemistry: 4/10
Let us be honest here, Megadeth is more or less just an alibi for the Dave Mustaine one man show. He is Megadeth, and the people he has recruited over the years have not had the skills/patience to stay in the band for an essential amount of time (except for Ellefson, but he left one time as well).

Musicality: 6/10
Dave is an amazing guitarist and most of the band members that has been in this journey has put in a certain amount of touch in the Megadeth brand. However, the band, and especially Mustaine, is far from the best live musicians in the world. Also, Dave's voice is far from flattering.

Lyrics: 7/10
Dave is a master of writing some controversial stuff, wheter it be about politics, war, global disasters, you name it, he can turn it into something aggressive in musical form. He can write about other stuff as well, but it is often a hit (like "A Tout Le Monde") or miss (like "Public Enemy No. 1").

Album rating summary

Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!: 8/10
Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?: 9,5/10
So Far, So Good... So What!: 7/10
Rust In Peace: 10/10
Countdown To Extinction: 6/10
Youthanasia: 8/10
Cryptic Writings: 5/10
Risk: 2/10
The World Needs A Hero: 5,5/10
The System Has Failed: 7,5/10
United Abominations: 8,5/10
Endgame: 9/10
Th1rt3en: 6,5/10
Super Collider: 5,5/10
Dystopia: 7,5/10

Average rating: 7,033333333333333/10

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