Friday, February 13, 2015

Megadeth - Cryptic Writings (1997)

Dude, I just have to say, that is one cruddy album cover. Looks like a doodle I could have made. It is supposed to be a veve, some kind of a voodoo sign, but all I see is a very, very, very, VERY early blue print of a compass, possibly from the year 400. Hell, the band did not even bother to implement their trademark logo on. And for the third album in a row, I am left wondering "where the hell is Vic Rattlehead?". Good god, if I judged a album only for its cover, this one would have gotten a big F instantly, but luckily for Megadeth, I do not.

The 7th Megadeth album "Cryptic Writings" continues on the same track on which "Countdown To Extinction" and "Youthanasia" have been on, more main stream hard rock than thrash metal. And while both albums had some glimpses of greatness, it still left me longing for the good old Megadeth that thrashed my mind with riffs and solos. Not saying that I do not approve of Megadeth evolving their sound, just think that they were better back in the day.

But more talk about "Cryptic Writings", it starts off in good fashion with "Trust", a good, steady song with smooth riffing and catchy drum beats. A nice, groovy start in which Megadeth shows just how good they can be without the use of thrash melodies. Even if it is a strong start to the album, the band can not seem to really live up to "Trust" in the rest of the album. Because the rest of the album is a mish mash of bland ideas that simply does not work. It is not really any song that I hate, but there is too much mediocrity in this album for me too handle. Songs like "I'll Get Even" and "Use The Man" are just so boring and predictable that I want to do something unexpected myself to get rid of the boredom, like cooking a three course dinner (for the record, I am not a good cook).

The band is definitely performing well, holding the standard they have held since the line up was created, and the riffs and solos are some what interesting, but there is something holding it all back, and I am sure that something is Mustaine. His musical structures in this album is so ordinary, so bland that it does not matter how good you play or perform, it will still sound bland to the listener. Not even speedy tracks like "The Disintegrators" and "She-Wolf" takes off properly in this syrup of an album.

I believe that "Cryptic Writings" could have been a pretty decent album that would have continued on the track that "Youthanasia" paved way for, but instead, the band decided to slow down and take a much safer route that leaves their fans sleeping. "Cryptic Writings" is not a bad album, it is just so ordinary and bland that it makes it look bad. I would just get this album out of my existence if it was not for "Trust", the only thing in this album that really is worth mentioning. It is definitely the worst Megadeth album up to date and I can imagine that the fans wanted the band to bounce back with something more feisty for the next album. Little did they know what the future would hold for this former thrash super power.

Songs worthy of recognition: Trust, She-Wolf, FFF

Rating: 5/10 Sins

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