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Megadeth - So Far, So Good... So What! (1988)

Between the all time classics "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?" and "Rust In Peace" lies the close to forgotten album "So Far, So Good... So What!". It is not easily over looked because it is bad, but because it is squeezed between two albums that are much, much better. Still, this album helped the band continue their journey from being a underground band to one of the biggest bands in the business.

The reasons to why this album does not quite reach the same heights as its predecessors are many. First off, there were two new band members since last album, Chuck Behler on the drums and guitarist Jeff Young, two guys that were not long lived in Megadeth, leaving the band before the end of 1988. Then the production is far from perfect since there were some struggles within when it comes to the mixing. The third reason is the quality of the music. While not being bad per se, the overall quality of the song writing in the album is not in the same standard as the music in the two previous Megadeth album.

However, the biggest reason to why this album failed to reach the same level of greatness is the obligatory cover. This time, the band covered the classic The Sex  Pistols song "Anarchy In The UK". A great punk song that was literally slaughtered by Megadeth. There is almost no speed what so ever in it, and the overall mood is way closer to being hippie happy than anarchy angry. This is by far the worst cover so far by the band and it drags the album so far into the dirt.

But I have bitched enough for today, The fact of the matter is that "So Far, So Good... So What!" is a pretty good album that is easily overshadowed because of its slower and darker sound. It is a slightly more mature album with more variety, but less of the best parts, which is the riffs and the speed. So it is just natural to initially get disappointed over this record, but the more you listen to it, the more you will enjoy it.

The clear star of the show is "In My Darkest Hour", one of the best songs in the entire Megadeth discography. It is not only a beautiful song about loneliness and death wishes, but also contains a second half that just thrashes the shit out of you. The solo in this song is just amazing and Dave does some of his best vocal performances in this track. A must hear for every metal head. "Mary Jane" uses similar techniques as "In My Darkest Hour", but without the thrashy speed in the end. It is still a good listen, just like the groovy "Hook In Mouth".

So what if this album is not as good as "Peace Sells"? It is still a good album that gives the listener some fine quality thrash music. It may contain a shitty cover and a lackluster production, but the band gives it their all and performs like the professionals they are. I can definitely see why some people could forget... what's the name of this album again? Oh yes, "So Far, So Good... So What!". Anyway, check out this album, it is a good little gem that will surely put a smile on your face.

Songs worthy of recognition: In My Darkest Hour, Mary Jane, Hook In Mouth

Rating: 7/10 Liars

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