Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wine review: Crimson XII

Let me first clear up one thing. I am far from a wine taster and I am sure that my taste buds are either not fully developed yet or they have been damaged in one way or another. Also, since I am still in my early 20's, I have not experienced every different wine sorts that the world has to offer. I cannot tell the difference between a Merlot and a Shiraz, and I have no idea what wine goes perfectly well with what sort of meal. So if you want a opinion by someone who knows his wines, please go away. However, if you want to read what a young metal head has to say about this wine that was distributed by a metal band, then be my guest and keep on reading.

Anyway, the Swedish power metal band Hammerfall is just one of many, many bands that has taken up the trend of distributing a own brand of wine. Why has this been such a trend? I do not know, I have always felt that beer and whiskey is more metal than wine, but I guess not. But for me, it just felt right that Hammerfall's wine would be the first heavy metal wine that I would review. Hammerfall was one of my first true loves when it comes to metal music and I have been a fan of the band ever since "Crimson Thunder". And since it stood clear that there probably wound not be any more making of this wine, I thought to myself "I should buy it, taste it, and make a review of it".

So here we are. Crimson XII is a Italian 13,5% red wine made in the year 2011. It comes in 75 cl bottles and costs 120 SEK (around 18,5 USD or 13,5 Euro) per bottle. And I can assure you that it taste like a wine should taste. It is fruity and I think it would fit very well with a medium-rare steak and some potato wedges. And compared to other metal wines in the market, it stacks up pretty good both prize wise and taste wise. And yes, you do get drunk if you drink enough of it. So I would say that it is a must buy for fans of the band. But hurry, the last bottles are out on sales right now and all points towards that there will be no more making of this excellent alcohol product. Bottoms up.

Rating: 7/10

(and for those who wonders, yes, I was slightly drunk when I wrote the review, but you should be if you try a alcoholic product. Stay Metal!)

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