Friday, March 21, 2014

Metallica might be up to something... nice

One of the biggest heavy metal bands in the history of man kinds have done a shit ton of stuff the last 5 years. They have started a record company and a music festival, they have released all their songs to Spotify, they have played in Antarctica, they have featured in a 3D-movie and they have collaborated with Lou Reed. The only thing missing is the band's 10th full length album ("Garage Inc." and "Lulu" not included). But we might finally be getting there.

On the first show of their ongoing "By request" tour, the band has presented the new song "The Lords of Summer", a song that is very much alike several songs from their latest album, "Death Magnetic". With its 8 minutes of play time, this song is a meaty, riff filled power package that jumps into the fire without hesitation. And despite the some what boring lyrics, I kinda like this song. I think that "Death Magnetic" was the best album the band has made since "The Black Album", so it only feels natural that the band would continue on the same track, especially since they have taken a lot of sharp turns musically before "Death Magnetic".

I know that it is way too early to say that this is gonna be a great album, but there is no denying that the band is on a roll. The band feels tighter than ever and the only problems so far seems to be the usual things. The band can hit harder, but doesn't and Lars Ulrich is far from a master drummer. But those are things that most Metallica fans have learned to either ignore or accept.

When it comes to the tour, I am expecting it to be some what of a "best of" set list every night the band performs with no surprises what so ever. I will personally not go and see them myself at their only show in Sweden, the new one day festival STHLM Fields (even though I was very tempted since also Mastodon, Ghost, Gojira and more played the same day), but all I hope for the fans that will attended is that the band gets a set list filled with pure thrash and no ballads a la "Nothing Else Matters". They had a set list like that the last time they visited Sweden (Gothenburg 2011, during "The Big 4" tour), I was there and I loved it.

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