Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hell - Curse & Chapter (2013)

As being one of the front runners in the underground culture of British metal music during the 80's, but never catching a big breakthrough because of a series of setbacks, it was a big surprise that Hell announced a comeback in 2008 (over 30 years after their break up). Three years later came their long awaited debut album "Human Remains", a album that was celebrated as an amazing album, both by fans and critics alike. But it is now time for the next test. Could they create another astounding release with their sophomore album?

So here we have it, the follow up to "Human Remains" that is entitled "Curse & Chapter". A album that works great as a follow up since it is very much alike its predecessor. We still have the devil and the occult as the main theme, and the sound is still heavy with influences from the 80's NWoBHM movement (even if it is more modernized). So no, nothing has really changed during the time between the albums, but I see it as a good thing that the band shows some continuity with their music.

Just like in "Human Remains", some old demo classics arises in "Curse & Chapter", but they are in a minority this time. It is the songs "Deathsquad", "Land of The Living Dead" and "Deliver Us From Evil" that has been remastered for the 21st century. Now I cannot compare the demo track with the album version, but I can definitely sense that the songs have an aura from the 80's, especially the instrumental "Deathsquad" that takes my mind back to the earliest works of Iron Maiden and "Deliver Us From Evil" reminds me of Mercyful Fate. However, I feel that there are stronger creations in this album than these three particular songs.

It is fun to see that it is the new material that takes the most space in this album, but it is even funnier to see that they exceed my expectation and take over completely. Songs like "The Age of Nefarious", "Faith Will Fall", "Darkhangel" and "Something Wicked This Way Comes" are just so god damn good that it actually makes me mad that this band did not get an honest chance in the 80's. Well I guess God (or Satan) works his magic in mysterious ways. But it is a relief to see that this band still has the ability to create some great and impressive tunes.

If "Human Remains" was a album to declare Hell's triumphant return, then "Curse & Chapter" is the statement that they still know how to write fantastic metal. The album is just the fantastic NWoBHM assault that you would have hoped for from this band. Another proof of Hell's great excellence.

Songs worthy of recognition: Faith Will Fall, Something Wicked This Way Comes,  The Age of Nefarious

Rating: 9/10 Deathsquads

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