Thursday, August 1, 2013

Alcohol review: Iron Maiden Trooper Ale

Those of you who have any sort of heavy metal knowledge knows that Iron Maiden front man Bruce Dickinson is a man with many talents. Besides from being a great singer in one of the biggest bands on earth, he is also an airline pilot and an world class entrepreneur. Earlier this year he revealed his latest business idea. In cooperation with Robisons Brewery, Bruce has developed a own brand of beer called Trooper (of course, named after the famous Iron Maiden song "The Trooper"). The beer itself is an Ale with a 4.7 % alcohol volume and is described as a beer with a true depth of character. The cost of the beer here in Sweden is roughly 330 SEK (about 49 US Dollars or 33 British Pounds) for twelve half litre bottles, which is a decent price.

So let us get started with the review part, and after some thought, I have decided to divide it into three parts. Okay for you? Well screw you too, I will do it my way.

Color: What do you think I will say about the color? If you guessed that I would say golden brown, then you were correct. A typical beer color that is reliable and says "come here and drink me now". A classic color that never gets old.

Taste: I have recently been to England, so I had a hunch on what the taste would be like. It may have a slight rough taste, but the hint of citric acid in the back is pleasant. And most importantly, it tasted like England. If it did not, then I would have been disappointed. Not the best beer I have tasted, but certainly far from worst.

Strength: I can definitely feel some strength in the beer, but it is still a very smooth beer that easily gets down your throat. Reminds me actually of the Battle of Balaclava in the Crimean War where 600 British soldiers attacked a huge Russian army. Just like the beer, the British men stood their ground a while only to fall . And yes, the Battle of Balaclava inspired "The Trooper".

So what is the final verdict? I would say that Bruce has once again done a great deal. The beer is smooth and tasty, and even though there are cheaper alternatives out there, Trooper Ale is sure a must try for both Iron Maiden fans and beer enthusiast all over the world. Up the Irons!!!

Rating: 8,5/10 Armies

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