Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Megadeth - Super Collider (2013)

To describe Megadeth's career you can take a roller coaster as a example. It started in a high point with the classics "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?", "Rust In Peace" and "Countdown To Extinction" just to later fall down in a 90 degree angle with albums like "Risk" and "Cryptic Writings". But lately, Megadeth has earned back their fan's respect album by album, and with the release of "ENDGAME", they were back on top. And even though "Th1rt3en" was not a horrible album, I had the feeling that it was the starting point for another downhill ride for the band. And when the title track for their 14th album was presented, I got terrible shivers down my spine that told me "Super Collider" could much well be a new "Risk".

Well, at least the band started off strong with the groovy "Kingmaker". This song is probably the only song in "Super Collider" that I would label as thrash metal since it has a heavy riff, intoxicating drum beats and an acceptable speed. I could also complain about Dave's singing in this (and every other) song, but you probably already know that his voice is more or less shitty, so I will not bitch about it in this review.

As stated before, "Kingmaker" is the only song in "Super Collider" that is worthy with the label "thrash metal song". The rest of the songs are either acceptable songs that is just in a different style or just trash. This is not a metal album, this is just a album where Dave is trying out new styles and shit. Take the title track for example. I mean, what the fuck did Dave think of when he created that steaming pile of doo doo? It is slow, boring and probably worst of all, it has hints of southern American rock. In other words, this is hillbilly music with some refined lyrics. I guess the solo is good, but the rest is not. So I will just slap Dave on his fingers and say "No, bad Dave. Never do that again".

The rest of the songs are not purely bad, but they give me mixed signals. "The Blackest Crow" is actually a cool song, but the weird guitar picking sound (not sure what instrument it is) is just out of place. "Forget To Remember" has some good performance work, but I think that you would agree when I say that it is closer too pop than metal. "Burn!" has a great verse, but the boring chorus kills the song completely. And finally, "Cold Sweat" sounds great even though there is one problem with that song... IT IS A GOD DAMN COVER ON THE THIN LIZZY SONG WITH THE SAME NAME! I will never understand why big bands makes covers. Just put it in a special edition of the album, let the true die hard fans listen to it and move on. I want to hear original material, not interpretations of other bands work.

There is, however, times in this album where I would congratulate Dave and the rest of the band on doing a great job. One of those parts are the quire part in "Built For War" which gives the track a exciting edge to the otherwise ordinary and repetitive song structure. Then I also have to give some praise to Shawn Drover who once again does a excellent job behind the drum kit. When the day that he leaves the band comes, I will  definitely appreciate Megadeth's future work a little less. Besides the great drumming, the guitars are also good and helps to make the album a little more intriguing. One perfect example on when the guitars is used correctly is in "Dance In The Rain". At first, the song seems like a ordinary Megadeth ballad, but at the end, the guitars brings up the tempo and throw a bunch of great riffs that makes this song one of the best in the album (and by the way, Dave's voice is actually sounding pretty good in the second half of that song. No wait, that was David Draiman's voice. My bad.). I also have to make a shout for the excellent closing track "Don't Turn Your Back.." that wraps up this album in a awesome way with its groovy rhythm.

If you are scared that this album is "Risk 2.0", then let me calm your nerves with these words. "Super Collider" is not a new "Risk", but it is certainly not a future classic. "Super Collider" was better then I expected it to be, but the lack of metal in this album is frustrating and the quality of the overall song writing is uneven, but thanks to great drumming by Shawn Drover and some sweet guitar licks, "Super Collider" shows a different Megadeth and succeeds to keep its head just above the water. But if I got the chance, I would drown it and instead fish up something more thrashy.

Songs worthy of recognition: Kingmaker, Built For War, Dance In The Rain

Rating: 5,5/10 Blackest Crows

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