Thursday, November 22, 2012

Geoff Tate - Kings & Thieves (2012)

So, Geoff Tate finally got kicked out of Queensrÿche. Well I could definetely see that coming. Even though Geoff is an extremely talented singer he was literally suffocating his former band these last years. Have you listened to their latest album ("Dedicated To Chaos")? If you have not then I highly recommend that you stay away from that album. "Dedicated To Chaos" is so dull and uninspiring that I wanted to kill myself. Well, now have Geoff released his second solo album (the first one was released in 2002 and was self titled). An album that will show in what direction Geoff will take from now on. Will he continue on what he started on "Dedicated To Chaos" or will he take on a completely different route to develope his music?

After one full listen of "Kings & Thieves" I started thinking. "Is it even worth listening to this album at least one more time?". "Kings & Thieves" has so many influences from "Dedicated To Chaos" that it just bugs the hell out of me. It is almost like they were identical twins. But there are a couple of things that makes "Kings & Thieves" superior to "Dedicated To Chaos". First off, the overall quality is a bit higher here and the consistency is better. Then I also think that "Kings & Thieves" has more guitar in the sound, something "Dedicated To Chaos" lacked a lot of. One thing that this album does not have  that "Dedicated To Chaos" had is a great song. Yes, one song on that album stood out and that song was "Retail Therapy". A great song that is catchy and groovy.

The only songs on "Kings & Thieves" that stands out is some of the more worse songs. One of these are "The Way I Roll". An complete embarrasment to the name Geoff Tate. Nothing more to say there. Other songs that you should stay away from is the boring and wailing "Tomorrow", the weird and awkward "Take A Bullet" and the completely empty "In The Dirt". There is actually only one song that is worthy a listen and that song is the opener of this album, "She Slipped Away". An acceptable groove whit a good chorus. Also like the keyboard on this song.

Well after listening to "Kings & Thieves" I can assure that Queensrÿche made a good decission on dropping their lead singer. He is good but the songs are not. So slow and sluggish that it actually encourages the listener to shoot himself. It is not as bad as "Dedicated To Chaos" but that does not mean that it is a good album. No it is horrible and it belongs in a thrash bin. So screw you Geoff. I am going home and I am not taking this album with me.

Songs worthy of Recognition: She Slipped Away

Rating: 3/10 Tomorrows

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